Posted by: janetleigh | August 12, 2007

Hello, my darlingest – Return to Sender #1

return to sender
address unknown
may 1968/2007

Hello, my darlingest –

love missile received
aimed straight for my heart –
and I want you to know
I lie here in bed
most nights –
sculpting your face into view,
a habit I’ve learned to replace you,
your letters stopped coming
too soon.

Watching the news is unbearable,
when all I think of is losing
Your tenderness fades during news briefs
like poking my eye in your sleep,
but baby –
your poking elbow I miss,
and all your bad habits as well.

those azaleas bloomed!
hot pink splashed on fuchsia –
your favorite colors on me
said so yourself!
lickin’ lipstickedy luscious you purred.

Caught in a stare –
colors freeze an image –
another memory of us
out on the veranda smokin’ chicken
a la “I’ll take the potata in the back, Jack,
don’t like ’em burrrrrrned, b-a-b-y!

and babe,

I feel burned
and crisp
and raw,
without the blanket of your love
wrapped around me tight
like roses clenched in my fist,
while our wedding guests danced round and round and
round us,
drunk on love and laughter!

and, baby,

that’s what I miss the most.
If I could “can” that stuff
I’d send a case or two
“for emergency only”


I wish I were there to recharge your fortitude.



  1. These letters echo love across time.

  2. Thank you for your impression of these poems, tomachfive. Any feedback is very welcome. Because you’re drawn to these 2 poems, I know you’re a sensitive, poetic soul.

  3. This is so beautiful. I love the word selections, the images and the feelings it projects. Stay inspired!

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words, amandasanz! You possess a romantic and gentle soul, I think. The poems one responds to say a lot about the reader, too. I feel like I’ve found you and tomachfive as like-minded simpaticos. Do you have a blog? A link perhaps, so I can visit you as well?

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