Posted by: janetleigh | August 12, 2007

Hello, my love – Return to Sender #2

return to sender
address unknown
june 1968/2007

Hello, my love –

looking at your photo
on your belly, rifle drawn
in jungle fatigues
is terrifying, hon…

Far cry from your get-up
in Mid-Summer Night’s Dream
Thought I’d scrrreeeam when you lunged at me –
your tights drawn and sword up!

Twelfth Night was even better –
prancing around
in those damn leotards!
Amazing fence-faking back-breaking gyrations –
awkward at first like love-making,
and like love-making –
quickly finessed.

You Errol Flynned me
with your fencing skills –
epee poised and ready to prick
some dastardly bastard! but nooooo!
had to lunge! twist! thrust! and plunge!
skewering my couch pillow as I grimaced –
not for my heirloom –
it was fresh-kill face made me shudder.

Your face has that same look
as I study your eyes in this photo –
no sign of twisted tights or eat-shit grin,
no hint of prance or ballroom dance, dear,
this is a last-time face, darling..

not the love-soaked Nureyev eyes
…………..I knew before your first kill.


  1. Welcome to The Heart of a Poet- I Promise Blogroll.

  2. Wow. The last stanza in this took my breath away. Overall the poem told a tale as well as a short story might- it made the narrator and the solider real in my mind’s eye.

  3. Hi, Sara, that you for your welcome to The Heart of a Poet – I Promise Blogroll. I eagerly await my instructions. :>

    I’ve been a contributor to one of your “group” poems that I thought came together superbly. I love the idea of the group poem. I also like your idea of the I Promise Blogroll. I really ought to contribute more overall to your blog because it’s great! I have several blogs going on different topics and it’s becoming difficult to spread myself around to all of them; I’m in the process of shutting some down and consolidating a few. This will free up more time for poetry blogs – poetry being my first love.

    I also want to thank you for your comments on this poem. As you must know, all feedback is important to the writer and it helps me learn and grow in my work. So, I’m glad to know it had this kind of effect on you, the reader. May I ask you please, which of the Return to Sender poems is the strongest in your mind; #1 or #2? Just out of curiosity.. :>

    Again, thank you for stopping by!

  4. Note to Sara: The first line in my comments above should read – “Hi, Sara, thank you for your welcome to..” I hate typos!!! I used to be a proofreader eons ago, so it bothers me when I make typos! (hides head in shame) ;>

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