Posted by: janetleigh | August 14, 2007

Felician Fingers Strum


Felician Fingers Strum

I watch the night settle over me
with the gentleness of a sleeping baby
at its mother’s breast,
and wonder where you are
………..and wonder where you are..
Somewhere on the distant shore –
Felician fingers strum a melody
the waves seem to carry out to Sea,
………..and wonder where you are.
Don’t tell me you’ve never held the hand
of love – for just one moment –
as love has been your companion
for years untold,
………..and wonder where you are.
Felician fingers strum our song
of Love and simple Truth –
to ride the winds and search afar,
and wonder where you are –
………..and wonder where you are..




  1. This was amazing, beautiful selection of word and metaphors. Full of images and emotion.

  2. Lovely poem!

  3. amandasanz, you’ve been very kind to me with your lovely comments about my work and I appreciate your generosity of spirit.

  4. Thank you, worldlywise! I’m enjoying your blog immensely and it was nice of you to stop by.

  5. Oh, the longing, the truest thing!

  6. nice music in the flow of words. i could sing this. :)

  7. I appreciate that, guerdon :) I’ll give you first dibs to sing it if I put it to music, ok? Well, if you’re a singer, that is. ;)

  8. hmm… was that a dare? oh, i sing, but mostly in a choir. i’d love to hear your music to the verses. and sing it for you! :)

  9. Sure, I’ll call it a dare – ‘specially for you, Guerdon, ‘specially because you sing in a choir. I love choral music.. ‘specially Antioch Chamber Ensemble. Have you heard of them? Check them out at

    and let me know what you think. Hint: If you like *them* then I’ll let you put Felician Fingers to music *and* sing it ! I know you can do whatever you put your mind to, you leave evidence of that all over your blog. If you sing like you write, I know you would turn Felician Fingers into the song all choristers will die to record. *smile*

    By the way, it’s hard to see if your avatar is of Popeye or The Little Prince. Would you mind telling me which it is? heh heh


    This is just a little note to tell you how you can make your name a “live” link back to your blog so others can read your blog, too.

    On your “Profile and Personal Options” page to the right of your picture/avatar there’s a box for the URL for your Primary Blog. All you do is type in your URL into that field/box and it makes your name a “live” link when you leave a comment on someone’s blog.

    I just recently learned how to do this and thought I’d pass it on.

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