Posted by: janetleigh | August 23, 2007

Lotus Unfolds

Lotus unfolds in the fourth,
heart expands in Light –
removing remnants of pain,
Memories bled –
and drained.

Light gathers light
dissolving dark lingering emptiness –
leaving sweet fragrance
of Remembrance.

Onward and upward –
stepping out of regret
over obstacles,
some chosen some long-forgotten,
surrendering into Silence.

Unfolding hesitantly,
joyously unto the new day.

I am still now.
I am tranquil.
Light all around me

with Gratitude I wear serenity
gently –
as Dawn steps out of darkness,
awakening God-felt heart
to another day.

Spirit clothed in Joy.



  1. love the flow (god i overuse that word) in this piece. its a steady gallop and kept me intrigued, creating images

  2. Beautiful! Excellent selection of word and images on this one. Stay inspired!

  3. Thank you both for your kind words about this piece. I appreciate any feedback I get, and constructive criticism, too.

    Jak, don’t worry about using the word “flow” because it’s a perfect description for poems and is very complimentary.

  4. Uplifting, very well done.

  5. Thank you for your kind comment, devega860, and welcome to my blog :) Hope you come back..

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