Posted by: janetleigh | September 5, 2007

Beg Life

We drink, ’til distant friends arrive
rise out of range, loom ghostly
recede again.

A thought walks in, asks
and what of life?
“..aging, sea change, choosing”
always choosing
one more Dutch door,
then drifting, drifting
toward another endless chore.

We walk this lunar beach – beg life
from birth to earth’s end,
to learn what good come from this, when
despair will reign the soul to cry


we die to love,
we weep for joy –
our worst our best,
we love to death.

Life’s a beach
combed clean,
unless you know the time of birth
of a single wave.

Spartan thoughts fuel our bloated bodies
engorged on luxuries,
double helpings of a thin line drawn too fat
reflects mourning – too many mirrored warnings –
and oh God we beg for more
……………………….we beg for more


life’s a drama
then we die –
beached whales
done in by our own wailings.

There is no end to beginnings
start line or finish line,
we’re all finished
in the end,

we do not heed Heaven’s plea –
save the plankton!



  1. I posted something about life’s end and when I came across this it made me feel sorta eerie but this is superb versification on life’s profound topics. Carry on!

  2. Hi, Tom! Sorry I haven’t had a chance to get online for awhile and respond to comments. I’m spending time trying to research some holistic treatments for my beloved dog, Rascal, who was just diagnosed with a heart problem. Please see the recent entry to this blog for details, ok? I’ll be stopping by to read your post “about life’s end” soon, as well as catch up with your recent comings & goings. I really like you and your wise and gentile heart. :) Thank you so much for stopping by and your encouragement. It’s really appreciated!

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