Posted by: janetleigh | September 16, 2007

Cartwheels in mariah

…….Walking with my dog and the wind –
I feel Your Presence well up in me, breathing
…….over dew-covered grasslands –
shining out from smiling face of daisies!


I’ve been away from this blog recently because
my beloved Rascal was very recently diagnosed
with a heart problem. I’m researching what
holistic treatments might be available for him.
Rascal’s 7 years old and has health problems;
when he was barely a year old, he was bit on
his face and neck (and possibly inside his mouth)
four times by a copperhead. It was a slow – very
slow – recovery and my bond with him now is
very strong. He needs me, and I’ll do anything
I can to get him well again. He’s *that* precious!
I’m sure those of you with fur-kids of your own
know what I’m talking about, Amen?

To read how I saved his life after being attacked
by a poisonous snake (copperhead), you can
read it at:

Rascals Home Page.htm

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