Posted by: janetleigh | September 28, 2007

White Roses

white roses
will never be the same
for. me.
hour upon hour
sitting contently
admiring their beauty
envying quintessence
just. one. rose.
in a vase
haunts me –
regal pose
flaunting purity
innocence –
so last night
it. was. settled.
I ate one!

Copyright © Janet Leigh Dowd




    Am I the quintessence of innocence?
    So be it. But I have thorns. Is this not
    paradox? Oh lovely dualesence!
    Why do you pluck me? Is it then my lot
    to be plucked and thrust into that clear vase
    that any may adore me? Or ignore?
    What a fortune for beauty! To serve base
    lust, to please the eye—poetry implore . . .

    Oh, but are we all not symbolic? Words
    that suggest, but never are the true thing?
    Though in voices pure as heaven some sing,
    are we more than melodies songbirds’
    piping to the moment? We are but white
    petals blown by fragrant breeze and sunlight.
    David M Pitchford (aka Bitter Hermit, et al)

    Ahh.. *swoon* Is this a spontaneous sonnet or something already written? It matters not.. it’s scrumptious and simply delicious!

    I’m honored that you stopped by and left me such a beautiful and more substantive study of the regal white rose. Thank you so much, Hermit. You’re welcome to stop in any time. If you leave a poem, that is Just kidding!

  2. Oh, no. It all reflects on you and that gorgeous flow of words and the striking image you paired it with. I tend to surf for subjects, and your poem and picture inspired this sonnet. I’ve been on a bit of a roll with sonnets as the deadline for the Howard Nemerov Sonnet Contest is coming up in October. It is my ambition to win that contest. So . . . I’m in training toward that goal.
    Glad you enjoyed the verse. Thanks.
    And I do drop in regularly – it started with a Tag surf and continues as you’ve caught my attention with talent and promise as a poet.
    Keep the words flowing.

    I do enjoy your sonnet, especially the, “We are but white petals blown by fragrant breeze and sunlight.” It’s a long story, but once upon a time a young Yale lad snuck up on me as I was sketching on the Green (Yale U., New Haven) and just let loose with a handful of white petals over my head and they were gorgeous. It took me by surprise and certainly got my attention (clever lad). And yes, the young romantic did woo me and we became a couple for a spell. And what a pair with flair! The memory will last well after my demise ;) So, not only have you given me such a nice compliment on my poem, but presented me with words and images that touch my soul. Thank you.

    I hope you win the contest, too. I just entered “Ode to Woman” in a contest even though the length of it might deter a close look from the judges. What do you think? Does length matter? I say no, but then again, I’m not.. judging.

    BTW, who are you, really. Hermit or bitterhermit? Any other aliases I need to know about? *grin*

  3. thats a nice pic , this flower always gives me the soothing feeling /

  4. The ending made me laugh. Was not what I expected at all!

  5. This has a nice reversal to it… I wonder if the word haunting comes too soon, or perhaps the finale comes too late after it. It acts like a hinge which lets the reader know they have entered into change… but the description immediately following the hinge remains the same… just a thought. ;)

  6. The end is quite a twist! I think it was brave to end it that way, and also, added it to symbloism- consume what you adore to take its power away.

  7. Nice build up to the ending, throughout the poem I felt like grabbing the rose, the longing for it was so tangible.

    Never thought of eating a rose, though. Must try it (I have eaten hyacinth petals which, if I recall rightly, were rather yummy).

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