Posted by: janetleigh | October 5, 2007


a reason to fly high, give thanks, touch
four corners of God’s blanketed blue,
with arms out-stretched, heart-skipping
childlike, this I-love-you that’s-how-much
wide-eyed; this, written in God’s wide open
smile strewn across waves of red poppy
ocean fields, covering a multitude of
scintillating squint-eyed silvery lies,
oh the deep deep blue of love-color hue,
a reason to high-five life and all its
sordid details run lemming to the sea,
see me rejoice! see me sing! say all this!
my reason, my whatever reason, I owe it to

Copyright © Janet Leigh Dowd




  1. Loved the imagery. Stay inspired my friend!

    Thank you, Amanda, for letting me know you like it. I try to stay inspired! Every time you stop by you tell me to stay inspired and it always uplifts me to know a poet of your caliber takes the time to read my blog. All I can think to say in closing is Stay Interested (in my blog) !! heh heh

  2. what an intoxicating, stream-of-conscience rhythm…much enjoyed.

    It’s really nice of you to stop by my blog and leave such a nice comment about “YOU”, the scop. (Ha, ha , somehow that didn’t come out right. :) I’m happy to learn someone else besides myself enjoys a stream-of-conscience piece now and then. You might also like my “Pox domini..vobiscum” S-O-C piece, as well.

    Again, welcome to my place and stop by again if you’re in the neighborhood, especially if you leave such inspiring comments such as this one. ;)

  3. Beautiful! Beautiful! Your positivism is healing me.

    I’m glad you glean my optimistic, generally positive attitude, Tom; it helps to balance out the stinkers I throw out now and then. :) That you find this piece “healing” is a true compliment to me, and one of the reasons why I write at all. So, thank you, my friend…:)

  4. very fast running slithering guy. i dig it.

    I’m glad you like it, too, jak.

  5. :). The “You” here is lucky to be your Muse.. Loved the word pictures.

    And, thank *you*, mysoul, for taking a moment to tell me what you like about this piece – and your interpretation. I *like* that..:)

  6. Intoxicating fluidity. Loved the read; the exhilaration reminds me of riding the Flying Carpet ride at the theme park. ^_^

    Also enjoyed reading past posts with the following as my faves: “Many Miles”, the untitled Aug. 26 poem, “Dry Bones in Minnesota” (beautiful, just too beautiful imagery there), the two “Return to Sender” poems (fun read), and “Remembrance” (touching piece).


    It’s so nice of you to stop by, soulless (somehow, I don’t buy the “soulless” bit ;), to tell me what a rush you got from this piece. The flying carpet analogy is perfect for this one – I don’t think I took a breath until I got to the bottom “You” while writing it. Whew! It was a rush for me, as well.

    It pleases me to no end that you actually read the 2 “return to sender” pieces here. I laughed and cried while writing these; all the while remembering those who never came back from Viet Nam. And now, both seem a propos to this new, on-going “war” and its war dead. It’s all so heart-breaking. Your comments are so very welcome and I appreciate the time you took to tell me you’ve read other works of mine, too. It’s always nice to know a reader’s favorites, too. It tells me a *lot* about the reader, as well. Thank you, kindly.

  7. This was really real to me. It is exactly how I feel. It was cheering.

    I really liked:

    covering a multitude of
    scintillating squint-eyed silvery lies,

    That is really real to me!

    Welcome, dear reader, Anna Vera Williams and for taking the time to stop by here at Poetmeister, but especially for your kind comments about this piece. Funny, but those two lines are my favorite lines in this poem. They came tumbling out of my mind and hit the page running. I swear, I’d never come up with these on my own – I give God all the glory for letting me use the words He fills my mind with, poetry-wise, of course. I get all the credit for my ugly thinking, believe you me. ;>

    To Anna Vera Williams:Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing I wanted to tell you, Anna, and that is I’m delighted to know you feel the same way poem-wise and that it’s also cheering! That makes us kindred spirits. Mostly I write to put a smile on my reader’s face. :)

  8. I love the tone of this piece- reverent and also exuberant.

    Sara, it warms my heart to know you like one of my favorite pieces…:)

  9. Cute poem! I like it very much!

    Thank you, Cendrine!

  10. Hi Janet! I missed your responses to my comments and just thought to check back with you! How are you doing! Life has been crazy and busy for me lately … I kind of miss the old days of poetry commenting though, to be honest.

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