Posted by: janetleigh | October 15, 2007

A Stour Guy’s Preamble

A stertorous audience turns a deaf ear:
A Stour Guy’s Preamble

Maybe it starts small
then festers
a slight here a slight there
then pesters
presses on
grows to fill the insides
the way air pumps up balloons
contained yet unrestrained
when let go

It’s senseless
who has the time

all this within the body balloon
blood-red damn race-car course
rally with fuel-ups at Jugular
& Aorta Avenues
avoiding Stroke Station
like a bat out of hell – but
wait! what a wreak! leaving nothing but
burn-out wearing a purple face

It’s so senseless
who has the time

its consumption can kill you
obsession steal from you
turn you inside out
throw you for a loop
end over end over end
over and over and over again

It’s so senseless
who has the time

Stoking the never-ending fire
anger and revenge becomes you
when hate is life’s only desire
who would want to dwell in
a place so base
it precludes love, tenderness, woman
and wife,
a heat-seeking missile
like attracts like
hate has sharp eyes and a tongue like a knife

it’s senseless,
who has the time

you’re such a smart bomb
I hope you find yourself.


FEAR and ANGER… 1983



  1. a carefully composed piece to be sure. it flows naturally and uniquely. stabbing images. much enjoyed.

  2. I’m glad you found it..ah..engaging, jak. I’m pleased you’ve been reading my work on a fairly frequent basis, and I’ve come to really appreciate all your feedback. You’re quite the writer – I can learn from you..:)

  3. I agree with Jak, this is excellent craft – from the interplay between the images and metaphores to the alliteration and the assonance between the lines.

    Great stuff, I am glad I was made aware of your poems (and thank you for your kind comments over at mine :)).

  4. Hi, reluctantscribe, and welcome back! Your kind words will egg me on, you know that don’t you..;> It always pleases me to know that something I’ve written really appeals to someone and the reason why. You’ve been most helpful in this regard, rc, and your feedback is always welcome. You’re a fine poet, as is Jak, and I value both of your opinions re poetry.

    I’m also glad to be aware of your poetry, as I can learn much from my betters…:)

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