Posted by: janetleigh | October 18, 2007

No more ruffled feathers


No more ruffled feathers

Being a parent is the hardest job
this planet offers –
it’s so hard to let go
when it’s their time to fly
and soar –
with wonderment
……………or turbulence.

Have faith then –
the same Everlasting Father
who protects you
from loving them too much
would not give you more loneliness
than you can bear –
so relax now
in the comfort of His faithful love –

and believe,
He’s sent another one of His to you
to say:
I, too, have one who’s flown away –
he’s my heart
I think about him every day

and I think of God now in a different way –
today I’ll talk to Him in prayer
and I’ll ask Him – as I always do –
to send me gifts of flowers and friends
to soothe me
when I’m feeling low and oh so blue,
without the presence of My Heart – my son
and pray He does the same for you –

sometimes I wonder –
does God get lonely, too?

Copyright © Janet Leigh Dowd


  1. i can appreciate this, being a mother of two girls, the oldest 13, and not wanting them to ever leave. Not because i want to stop them from their lives, but because i don’t want anyone or anything to harm them, damage their super-bright spirits.

    Of course they’re going to go, but i can wish, can’t i? :)

    i am also a child who left, moving all the way to another state. My mother was happy for me but also sad for herself because i was going so far away. (Sorry, Mama. :( )

    i read a poem recently that called God “the onliest, loneliest one…” i think it may be fitting since none are like him and that’s why he desires our love and friendship so.

    This is good work- emotive and universal. It’s hard to let go, but awesome to see the joy that can come from witnessing lovies spread their wings and soar.

  2. Janet, this was a nice way to wake up this morning. I stumbled over here from Tom’s site and I’m so glad I did. This piece was breathtaking, honest, and beautiful.

  3. This will one day be me in the future.. I hope I can remember what Gibran said about Children and let them fly. To hold without holding is a very tough job. (hugs) and (cyber flowers) . Take care of yourself, for you need to be there when your son returns :).

  4. Hi there, chughes. :) Oh, yes, I know how you feel about your daughters eventual departure from the family nest. It’s really so hard when they leave – as much as we want everything to be the *same* – it rarely ever is. So, it’s prudent that we love, love, love them while they’re at home when we have them as a captive audience, so to speak. :) We only have them for a little while. We’ve done a good job if they grow to be independent, self-sufficient and eager to start their own lives independent of family. But it doesn’t make it any easier to see them go. And, I never heard the description of God being “the onliest, loneliest one” but it sure is befitting, isn’t it? I also left my home to move several states away and my own mother wasn’t too happy about it. I had to leave in order to preserve my sanity; I come from an emotionally labile family. Thank you for coming by and leaving your thoughts with me, chughes. It’s always a pleasure! :)

    krkbaker, how nice of you to stop in to tell me you like this piece – first thing in the morning even! Thank you for your nice thoughts, they’re so appreciated. I hope you stop in again. :)

    mysoul – it’s so nice to read your thoughts here, too, especially your comment about Gibran. He’s one of my favorite poets and his chapter on Children is a masterpiece in my opinion. I’m happy to know you’re acquainted with Gibran’s work. The Prophet has had a profound effect on me since my late teens. I wrote “Remembrance” shortly after reading the Prophet. I think one of the reasons I feel so strongly about his work is because it reminds me of the Bible, my favorite book. Very astute of you to write, “ hold without holding..” as that is the essence of raising children and Gibran’s message. I feel you are a kindred spirit, mysoul. :) Thank you for coming by and telling me your thoughts, the hugs and the cyber flowers. Likewise, two-fold, re hugs & flowers. You’re a sweet soul. :)

  5. I am sure God does get lonely…yes indeed he does.

  6. Welcome, to Poetmeister, S. Thomas Summers and thank you for your thoughts on this piece. I tend to agree with you. :)

  7. Glad to stup by. When you have time visit my site/my blog.

    Blog is on the site. It’s titled The Lint in My Pocket.

    S. Thomas Summers (Scott)

  8. Note to Scott: Yes, I’ve been to your site, but I’m confused as to which link for poetry. I click on your blog link The Lint in My Pocket and it brings me to a page with the same interface but there’s no poetry there. I must be missing something (besides a brain, heh heh).

  9. hi janet. sometimes there is poetry on my blog. sometimes just other things that interest me. i have poetry all over my site. feel free to browse. hope all is well.

  10. I like the spirtual aspects of this poem. The last line is food for thought, for sure.

  11. with wonderment
    or turbulence.

    yeah, that’s about right.

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