Posted by: janetleigh | October 23, 2007

Airheads on angel wings


…………. …Airheads on angel wings

We were born walking on air –
much too heady for our friends –
we use our feet like skipping stones
across the clouds – around the bend,
while others work and toil all day;
sprinkle *stardust* in lovers eyes
to help them look at life anew –
refreshed in wonder – lover’s hue!

Born to roam from star to friend –
then friend to star and back again –
we zip toe through dark’s starry night,
dub kindred spirits – change left to right –
we are peace-seeking missiles – amen!
born of angel wings we learn love well –
but we’re little devils when it comes to fun,
we make our mischief – then run like hell!

Copyright © Janet Leigh Dowd

.photo by midnightvelvet59





  1. I love the imagery of our feet being “skipping stones across the clouds”. I agree we are a mischief incarnate and then we wonder why we have all the drama in our lives :).

  2. Hi, it looks like what your problem is with my link is that you have your webpage listed before my link.

    Like this

    when you need it to look like this

    so erase all of this

    and you should be good.

  3. This poem takes me right back to my childhood. The picture is such a nice compliment to the words. Their is such an innocence captured within the lines of this poem.

  4. I’m happy to learn you can readily relate to the feet as “skipping stones” mysoul..:) You’d make for an excellent cohort on one of my cloud cavorting escapades, if you like to play along. I’ve also been known to say: Life’s a drama, then you die. Or, Life’s a trauma, then you die. You get the drift *laugh* I’m glad you stopped by, mysoul.

  5. Sara, by your own words, can I assume you still have that little child within? I believe the “little child within” keeps us young and full of wonder. I love to get into character and write from a child’s point of view. I *think* I’ve been successful with this in my piece entitled “tamer” and wonder if you’ve read it? It’s a true happening, btw.

    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to let me know what you felt/think about “Airheads..”.

  6. I loved the poem and the photograph that went with it. Made me laugh. I get the picture of professed angelic over-emphasized innocence while something more alive lurks below.

    Of course I’ve never done that.

  7. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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