Posted by: janetleigh | October 25, 2007

This Night’s Uplifting

This night’s uplifting
Night falls
skin crawls
face the shadow
on the wall
wonder why you care at all
when bed to chair and chair to bed
is all the life left in you

Hope fails
life crawls
the end is hard to shake
when bed to chair and chair to bed
is all the life left in you

This life takes leaving
time unveils one more
unread book left on Life’s shelf
no last dream and no last drink
no last glimpse of mirror image
just one last breath
………………..pluck memory flowers from the air
………………………………………………………………………………..welcome death.

Copyright © by Janet Leigh Dowd

……………………………Photo by getthebubbles


  1. I am absolutely in love with the refrain:
    “When bed to chair and chair to bed
    is all the life left in you.”
    Brilliantly haunting!
    A poem like October rain, cold and weary.

  2. yes the refrain is nice, but at times i believe the meter is off. just an opinion. hope you’re well!!!

  3. I’m so pleased by your response to this piece, Hermit. Here, I sit, in my loft, looking out over a vista of rained-soaked, red-leaved trees, which will only too soon show the bareness of winter. I feel the chill, I’m world-weary, but your comment warms me now and I am smiling. :)

  4. Thank you for stopping in to check this piece out, Scott. No offense meant, but I would have to agree with your belief that at times the meter is off, although I wasn’t aware of any meter at all! I write free verse, or vers libre, if you will, using an irregular rhythmic cadence and not conventional strict meter or rhyme. Having grown up around a musically-oriented family and a childhood soothed by nursery rhymes, I married the two and came up with my own rhythmic hybrid. I express my music in verse. I wouldn’t know a meter if a tripped over it. *laugh*

    Perhaps a different piece, such as Dry Bones in Minnesota would be more to your liking.

    Since your blog doesn’t have the Comment feature, let me take the opportunity to tell you here that I enjoyed reading Sample Poems, especially Sanctuary. I relate most to its subject matter that conjures up cozy and warm memories of my own reading nook. Any poem that mentions “owl” is going to appeal to me, as well as Wordsworth, and any mention of fire, fireplace, or woodstove. I feel like I’m there in that space you’ve created, sipping cognac with my fur-kid laying on my feet. As you can tell, I really love this poem. Thank you for a good read at your place. I’ll be returning.

    I will also cross-post this comment on Poets Who Blog in case you don’t see it here.

  5. It looks like you really captured how it feels at that point of life. I read it several times. It was beautifully expressed and for me it communicated how death is not always a bad thing.

  6. Hello, Anna, thank you! What a nice comment you’ve left me…:) I’ve been to your blog several times and I’m really enjoying your poems. I love the depth to your poems and their firey nature. ;>

  7. This poem is remarkable. It is one of the best ones I have read in a while. I’m stunned.

  8. I love the rhythm to this poem.

  9. Sara, your words about this piece totally blows me away. Wow. Thank you!

  10. I’m glad the rhythm “got” to you, reluctantscribe…;>

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