Posted by: janetleigh | November 9, 2007



old man geezer neighbored ‘hi’
green teeth sugar smile on mutant head,
made me round up puppy dog
in shed that housed his dusty clunker,
made me think doggie a prize
to keep, if I would place the tie
around his neck “and just keep calm,
he’s a stray but he’ll make a fine pet”
said this farmhand, my young mom’s friend –
he knew about the wren I tamed,
and the bunnies from under the porch nest,
mom told him about my way with the wilds
so I knew why he picked me
child that I was –
it took awhile for that stray to gain my trust
“you’re a good girl, now hold him still”
I never saw it coming! but I can still hear it
reverberating off thin tin siding and, oh my God!
strange Elmer’s crazyface*flash*smokinghand!
frozen in time, this memory, this heart,
and the way its body went thump thump
on the gravel behind his truck to the dump.


  1. love it.

    That means a lot to me, Jak.

  2. Intense. The buildup is skillfully done.

    Soulless, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me. I appreciate comments like this especially coming from someone who’s work I admire..:)

  3. wow. intense is the right word. the first read went so fast, like I was compelled to read faster than I wanted to… good stuff.

    I think your comment has the most weight for me right now, Brian, because now I can say you like one of my poems..:) I truly love your brief poems; the skill in which you can take the most profound observations of daily life and the mundane and turn both into succinct, thoughtful gems, inspires me, Brian. You write waay beyond your years as anyone can see by the wisdom in which you look at Life. Thank you for making my day.

  4. Your work here is powerful. The imagery and emotions tear right through me.

    Welcome to Poetmeister, quidam58, and thank you for taking the time to tell me of your impression of this piece. I feel like I’ve just met another kindred spirit. I’ve been reading your work as well and I’m impressed by your imagination and themes of your poems. I can relate to many of them and I love the feelings invoked within me while reading. I’ll be returning to your wonderful place frequently, I know..:)

  5. My dear readers, I’ve incorporated my reply within your comment field and wish to thank you all for stopping by to read this piece, but especially for telling me what you liked about it. Thank you so much.

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