Posted by: janetleigh | December 22, 2007

Lotus Unfolds in the Fourth

Lotus unfolds in the fourth,
heart expands in Light –
removing remnants of pain,
Memories bled –
and drained.

Light gathers light
dissolving dark lingering emptiness –
leaving sweet fragrance
of Remembrance.

Onward and upward –
stepping out of regret
over obstacles,
some chosen some long-forgotten,
surrendering into Silence.

Unfolding hesitantly,
joyously unto the new day.

I am still now.
I am tranquil.
Light all around me

with Gratitude I wear serenity
gently –
as Dawn steps out of darkness,
awakening God-felt heart
to another day.

Spirit clothed in Joy.


 Sunrise by ya_manickill



  1. nice :-)

    Thank you kindly, Ivimalss, and welcome to Poetmeister..:)

  2. This poem to me is about someone dying. Its a beautiful journey to the afterlife.

  3. This is an exquisite portrayal of stepping out of the muck and creating the future. It matches the picture perfectly. Quite beautiful.

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