Posted by: janetleigh | January 2, 2008


Life can be like
slamming your face down
on a bed of nails!



Contessa ChiChi – Rafa Nadal’s Arm Candy


  1. Ouch…what happened!

    I tried to make a ha-ha. I failed, Sanjeev. hee hee.

  2. Life is life. It is good.
    It’s the circumstances that bite!
    Hope things get better.
    Blessed be.

    Life is good life, indeed.
    Biting circumstances are distractions,
    in a good life.
    Things get better with hope.
    Be blessed and well, my friend..:)

  3. ouch indeed, i wonder what inspired such violent thoughts.

    “Violent thoughts” inspired an earlier “poem” combined with the 8 inch high dog in a neck brace and tennis ball stuffed in its mouth, Brian. Caption ought to be, “First they tell you to knock it off! This is what happens when you don’t play along..”

  4. need a kiss? haha. hope all is well!!

    Hey, I just got your air buss, Scott;> Thanks, I needed that..
    All’s well that ends well, my friend.

  5. Concise, if violent, imagery. Still it works. This is a poem that somehow cheers me, as if I am not the only one who struggles at times.

    Ahhh, one who commiserates.. is always welcome guest in my world, Sara. I do hope things are going swimmingly for you these days! May this coming New Year be one of your best!

  6. Okay, y’all, I see how this calls for a group hug..;> {{{hugs}}}

    I put this up last night for laughs!! I thought my 3-line “poem” went well with this photo of little dog in a neck brace with a tennis ball stuffed in its mouth! No one asked about the dog!! Now that’s really funny!

  7. I can related to that.

    I wondered about the dog but not to the point of feeling I needed to ask …

  8. Couldn’t bear to ask about the dog. I’m still mourning magnolias, a hammock, someone’s daughter, and my midlife-crisis-red car . . . For some reason, the magnolias really hit me – it gave that poem an intense fragrance as well as image?
    I’m so happy to be at a point in my life where I have enough sense to either have a designated driver or never bother with a first drink. It’s as automatic as clicking on my seatbelt. I don’t think I could bear the guilt of causing grief in such a way – driving drunk and hitting daughter, tree, or dog.
    Have a great weekend! So . . . did the dog finally catch that car? Did it catch the ball?

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