Posted by: janetleigh | January 16, 2008


Spin word-worlds into orbit,
our eyes
follow like flowing scarves, tossed
into the wind along a head way.

Re-titled on 1-22-08; previously Spin worlds


  1. Love the imagery…it rings true. We see, we make word worlds and then imagingation knows no bounds. :) That pic also looks like an eye.

    So nice of you to stop by again, mysoul..:) We wordsmiths do live in another world, don’t we ;> Oh, if you think this pic looks like an eye, wait until I post the pic I was originally thinking of about an eye! You’ll see.

  2. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  3. “word-worlds”

    …that’s what we who love words live in, don’t we?

    I agree with my soul – Nice matching of image to the poem.

    My blogs down again, Janet. Someone at Google-Blogger is tinkering too much before testing it. Becoming a Microsoft, they are!

    Time to move to Word-Press soon maybe! Like it here so far? Any issues? I like the clean look of your blog..but am sure Word-Press also has lots of customization features like templates, widgets, etc… right?

    P.S. Just read that “WordPress releases are named after well known jazz musicians. ” All the better! (I have become a Jazz music fan the last few years!)

    Hi again, Sanjeev! So glad you resonate with these few words and the image, my friend..:) I’m so sorry your blog is down again. I’ve been over there a number of times, have been able to leave comments now and again, LOVE YOUR BLOG, and other times no luck :( I think you’d enjoy WordPress, Sanj.. I really like it here and have several other blogs at WordPress and have had no problems to speak of; sometimes a little slow, but it’s rare. And you can customize your blog fairly nice in a number of ways. Oh, and you’ve moved up to jazz now, eh? Sign of genius, you know ;>

  4. I liked “our eyes
    follow like flowing scarves”

    Thank you, Anna..:)

  5. Hello

    Could you stop by PWB and let me know how your I Promise Blogroll is going. This is your chance to change groups, drop out, or just confirm to me that your are happy on the list you currently belong to. Please let me know.


  6. Please visit PWB. There is a change in your I promise blogroll.

    Thomas has left our list, replaced by Susan at

    Please start visiting Susan weekly.

    Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon.


  7. our eyes
    follow like flowing scarves

    Is my favorite part of this. The imagery works well with the picture.

  8. Not one word too many: clear and unusual images. I love the last two lines best, flowing scarves really suits the picture here. Just one thing re the photograph: I reckon the poem is strong enough to stand on its own without the visual aid ;)

    You are always too kind to me, Ario, but I will hold the sentiment close to my heart. I’m also happy to learn from you that the words stand on their own – just in case I’m not able to use photo to accompany it. ..:)

  9. I always love poems about writing. The poet can describe the process in a way other writers feel in their souls. Fantastic imagery in this one.

    Thanks for your thoughts on this piece, Sara, and also for highlighting it on PWB’s NPM project! This project of yours has been great for me. I visited many new blogsites and have read some wonderful poems lately. There’s so many truly, inspiring, talented poets out there! I’ve added so many to my must-read list that I hope I’m able to visit everyone often enough to matter to them. I’m expanding my reading list extensively. I hate to leave anyone out that I feel contributes much to help bring poetry back into our nation’s conscience. I believe poets are our real historians.

  10. love this–so much in a few

    Thanks for saying so, Scot..:)

  11. excellent imagery and the photo is super!!!!

    So glad to know you think so, Paisley! And thanks so much for stopping in to read it via PWB..:)

  12. Love the phrase “eyes follow like flowing scarves”. Great poem.

    I’m so glad to know that it works for you, too, Pam. I wasn’t sure if it would, for others. I don’t know if flowing “ribbons” is more suitable, but it’s scarves that came into my mind and scarves have more of a meaning for me than ribbons, I guess..:)

  13. Not to sound like a broken record, but that *is* a perfect line. It carries the initial thought exactly where I think you meant to send it: out there.

    Hello and Welcome to Poetmeister, Wet Bank Guy, and thank you so much for your thoughts, WBG! You’re perfectly correct that I wanted to send it “out there.” I certainly wouldn’t mind hearing you (and others :) say over and over like a broken record that “it’s a perfect line, it’s a perfect line, it’s a perfect line”. Trust me. :) I write so few of them..

    I just realized who you are (aka Toulouse Street, one of your other blogs) and I’m truly honored to have you visit me. I’m so happy to learn of you and your wonderful blog Poems Before Breakfast through Poets Who Blog! I’m adding a link to your blog so my dear readers will be able to visit your splendid site, too..:)

    I hope you come back, WBG. I’ll keep a spot for you next to the fire, where tea & hot toddies are served nonstop..:)

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