Posted by: janetleigh | January 24, 2008

If I were a poet..

gURL.comI took the If You Were a Poet… quiz on
I am…
Emily Dickinson

Do you have a 19th century sensibility? Or are you an intellectual? Do you write a lot? Because it seems like you have a lot in common with classic American poet, Emily Dickinson. Read more
Which poet are you?

heh. heh. for real.


  1. Hi Janet,

    You were the best part of my old blogroll. Always engaging. Always leaving great ideas. I plan to visit your blog as usual. I just felt somewhat slight but others – wanted to meet/greet some new poets. No hard feelings though…I understand all are busy.

    Yes, I’ve written a book of Civil War poems. I’m waiting to hear from a publisher – any day now. I wrote a poem that famous battlefiled you live so close too. I once lived in VA – Virginia Beach.

    Please keep in touch!!!

    I’ll be back on your blog real soon.

    Praying for your mom,


    Such nice things to say about me, Scott, thank you..:) ..and I’m happy to know you’ll be stopping by here when you can. If I were you, I wouldn’t take anything personally about the timeliness of feedback from your former blogroll partners because this time of year is crazy-making and people are torn in many different directions. But your wanting to branch out and meet/greet new poets is understandable and your new group should be fun and engaging. Please let me know about your Civil War poems publications. My husband, Scott, also lived in Virginia Beach. HEY! Are you my hus..? heh heh never mind. Just kidding..:)

    I especially want to thank you for praying for my Mom. Can you believe she’s leaving the hospital tomorrow morning and isn’t in any pain except for gout in her knee that came on as a result of the surgery? She doesn’t even need a visiting nurse to check up on her at home. This, after 1/3 of her lung’s lower lobe was removed! It’s unbelievable. It’s the prayers and petitions, I tellya! We have an awesome God, Scott.

  2. Weirdly enough, I came out Gertrude Stein. Go figure. That’s what I get for gender ambiguity!

    David, I took the test a second time and came out Gertrude Stein, too! And I don’t think I answered but one question differently from the first time around. What a hoot!

  3. There is a new poet added to our I Promise List.

    Unless someone drops out, no one else will be added. Thank you for accomadating this latest addition. Please visit him each Thursday, as your schedule admits. Make him feel welcome.

    Thanks for taking part, Janet.

  4. Another surf-by sonnet:

    They thought I was Gertrude Stein despite my
    beard and tender age. And a penis, that
    seems possibly a non-factor; they pat
    me on the head and mention Rumi—I
    have to laugh as I pour tea, drink it dry
    from my Einstein mug and reach down to pat
    my dog (I never was one for a cat)
    and read comics to laugh until I cry.

    My verse ties heaven to earth, this moment
    to eternity, sung with this voice, loud
    as thunder, mouse-quiet, ironic, spent
    in one breath; who hears? Does it not astound
    these readers, auditors? No. Mute. Consent
    none will to its truth. Profane or profound . . .

    David M Pitchford
    aka Nuevo Gertrude Stein

    David, this sonnet is truly wonderfully clever, spot-on, and another example of your quick wit on the up-take! I love the strong beginning that captures my interest immediately, nuances, and the like. As is with all of your work, I’m sucked in & delighted to the last letter. Fantastico, simpatico! And…. Nuevo Gertrude Stein!?.. *snort*

  5. Oh heavens… I’m Sylvia Plath…

  6. Our God is good…ALL THE TIME. You’re always in my thoughts and prayers.

    Your Husband…ooppsss…I mean your poet frind.

  7. Please remove

    from your I promise blogroll.

    He doesn’t have time to participate right now and asked to leave the list.


  8. stopped by to say hi. mind if i e-mail you a poem? need an opinion.

    Hi backatcha, Scott. You can e-mail me.. I promise I won’t bite..:)

  9. hi.. i am paisley,, and i am most definitely a she… i did this little test and i am thrilled to pronounce that i am sylvia plath,, i couldn’t have asked for more had i fixed the quiz myself… i love dirges… the poems i have up right now may not fir that category,,, but believe me they are there…

    it looks like you have been having a bit of personal drama,, and i will completely understand if you cannot make it to view my post.. but should you decide to i will leave the link here as a timesaver…

    “don’t blink…”

    Hi Paisley, and welcome to our I Promise Blog, you are a great addition! I’ve been to your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve read so far. Your writing seems to span the gamut of themes and emotions. I love your wit and sense of humor, too (i.e., Beer goggles). (BTW, thanks for the convenience of the link because I went straight over to your blog from here, before coming back to leave this comment.)

  10. Hi Janet. I haven’t taken the test but I can say I liked Emily Dickinson a lot when I was a kid. But Byron and Shelly were favorites. There were others as well …

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