Posted by: janetleigh | February 8, 2008

Peace, or die!

We are soldiers of peace
trampling over tiny tulips a la tim
we do not suffer fools in curly
whirly-wigs or whining ukulele lips
bent on shattering fragile and gifted
Austrian lead crystal-lined brains!
no – we will be surly early morning risers
on the eve of destruction – but beware
if not for matins prayer

my mind should have shattered years ago

we are soldiers of peace!
don’t want no feminazi skin-headed grief!
we do not suffer fools or freaks
while teaching camaraderie
multiculturolinguistically – oh no!
we march to the right orders left
by our forefathers who knew meaning
of civility and standing one’s ground
if not – for Christ’s sake

this union would have no matter years ago!

we are! soldiers! of peace!
we will kill long deep and continuously
if you stand in our way for God’s sake!




  1. sometimes i wonder just what kind of sadomasochistic being this god guy is … since he seems to be on everyones side…….

    nice write.

    Your thoughts are mine, exactly, Paisley. Thanks for stopping in.

  2. I love the irony in it; soldiers of peace that will kill, if you get in their way.

    Welcome to Poetmeister, blogger! I appreciate your comment and glad you see the irony of it. Some have been offended by it. Please come back and leave your blog URL so I can come visit you, too, okay?

    Oh, and by the way, to make your name “a blogger” a live link when you make comments on people’s blogs, just go to your Profile page and put your blog URL (website) address in the box under your E-mail address under Contact Info, right side of page. This should make your name a live link so others can go to your blog for some good reading!

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