Posted by: janetleigh | February 20, 2008

Ode to Woman (final revision)(I hope:)

She rode in on rare Castle Rock
air, head tilted toward a dream

vision voiced, bell-ring clear
& fate fixed
parched labor long now drawn
into life’s rich, vibrant stream

refreshed and strong
purposed longings revived
foreseen off-on horizon’s edge
will claim her frail albatross

tacit strength anew, knowing
she steers her own fortune
twinkle-eyed and amiss in bliss
(she held her gifts out of sight,
like stars aglow for midnight)

she stoops to a broken stem
lifts life’s trembling rose
purses lips to bloom

misses not its message lost
in heart-felt gloom
boldly keep a keen eye
for far off storms approach –
keep adjuvant ear to ground
life being like that
will ferry no linger nor look back
she preens it

She is on a different track
at life’s breach
where no man stands for long

worn reins in a pair of hands
a cry a sigh a heart expands
a steady steed he goes
to a place where no man knows
it set a steel-eyed course

for far off fertile land
where a rare wind blow
she stops
clear the air of heady thought
draws an eye over, high above Rock
to a glide pattern old Eagle Eye
plays to

catching fetching golden rays
soon to settle in its rest
far from eyes that stare him down
she, in wingless gaze task to test
with hope to rote
traces its glorious flight to nest

she owes no man quarter
she lives to give
reins the gain of many returns
her gifts lost on those who lack
life’s bright and heady light
hidden in plain view
for those who know
innocence is soul sight

her purpose hands expand on Rock
the earth nods
rowing white waters the river sings
earth curtsies
follow her rhythm
down to Sublime
no simple way to read her soul
than to walk through it

this, a soft-footed, brown-haired
lithe-limbed warble-voiced bird;
it is why the earth loves through her
hands, like panned gold
it is how she knows the silence
running beneath hop-scotched snow

she flows

self-taught to twinkle,
this one knows
no permanent perch
she learns, she flows
better to scope the swoop like Eagle Eye
harmonize her nest
she learns, she earns
with eye to eventual rest

there is a name for this
hidden within a miracle
hidden within a name.
do you hear it
you shall know it

sound of a clear clean heart
plum of nature’s best
it’s ridden the river
been put to the test
pools out a mind for all
who thirst, will drink
too deeply
for all life’s hurt

will wear pain like a cross
love like a curse
fought in a breach left
where no man stands

She’s of the Ancient Ones
she’s one of the blessed
makes your life a purpose
as she makes your life a nest
purpose makes for perfect life
and she your perfect rest

This is a miracle
this, a name anew
This a miracle
the One who Calls for You

Copyright (c) 2007, JLD
Revised 01-01-08




  1. Lovely affirmation up high. Yes, there is a name for this. A soar. Exhilirating.

    OMG, thank you so much, brendanblue. That’s quite a compliment.. *smile*
    If you come back, please leave your URL so I can visit your blog, yes?!


  3. This is wonderful, I will be back to read and absorb more. Thank you for your kindness and kind words at my blogs as well I have blog rolled you at
    I will be back!

    Welcome to Poetmeister, Mermaid! I apologize for this late note to you but I want to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your poems. I will also be back to your blog. I’ve got a little backlog here as you can probably tell, but things should be back to normal soon. Again, thanks so much for stopping in!

  4. i need to print this one out and read it later. see ya later my dear.

  5. There is a lot of strength running through the lines. You can feel her confidence. Love it.

    Thanks for your feedback, Sara. I hope it shows the strength of woman; the strength of so many women I know. I hope it’s a poem I can feel proud to have written. Wishing you a perfect day, Sara!

  6. i found many a womans truth in this ode… the lover the nurturer the martyr… the dreamer……

    Ohh, Paisley, I appreciate specifics so much. Thank you for telling me what you have taken away from reading my Ode! Women are so soul!

  7. thank u so much for visiting janet.
    it is such a pleasure sharing my world with u.

    things are not alright with me . i hope to start visiting and posting again sooon.

    be well my friend

  8. hey there – thanks for the suggestion (new reading) – The Art of Intelligence??? I’ll pick it up.

    Stay happy!!!

    No, no, it’s The Awakening of Intelligence by Krishnamurti you silly sausage!

  9. hey a question. i just wrote a slightly…well a poem . can i get a woman’s opinion on it. you’ll understand when you read it.

    Sure, just send it to me in an email, if you’d like, Scott.

  10. this is magnificent! S4 & 11 really, really got me and

    “it is why the earth loves through her
    hands, like panned gold”

    oh my! now that’s awesome, Janet. from this point everything intensifies, layer upon layer, towards an utterly unstoppable crescendo … superb!

    Please accept my apology for this late reply to your kind comments, Shell. Welcome to Poetmeister! I’m thrilled that you noticed the lines quoted above. I love those lines! I’m thrilled to know they worked for you, too. And thank you, thank you for the generosity of kindness in your comments. I’m providing a link to your blog forget me now for my readers. I plan on going back to your blog for some more reading. I love your work!

  11. She of the Ancient Ones…ennobling, full of meaning.

    I’m so glad you understand the meaning behind the words, Tom. Thank you for coming by..

  12. Amazing. For me, I was able to relate this to my time volunteering abroad.

    “no simple way to read her soul
    than to walk through it”

    Welcome to Poetmeister, socratesoul! Yes, I can see why you relate to this piece especially after volunteering abroad. It takes sheer guts, strength, and determination to go away from home into a new culture, learn their customs and the lay of the land. Thank you so much for caring for others enough to do something about it! You exemplify the very woman characterized in this poem and you have lots to be proud of. Please know you’re welcomed here and I hope you’ll come back..:)

  13. There’s a lot to be enjoyed here, Janet (well, as always really :)). I love the little details you provide and the way you make the scenes described tangible and vivid. There are also lots of nice little rhymes and alliterations in between which just adds to the music you conjure up here. I think this is a more than solid poem, nigh pitch-perfect.

    Just shows how a good redraft can actually enhance a poem rather than deaden it! Hope you’re well otherwise and your mother is also getting on nicely.

    You always say the nicest things about my work, Ario. I’m glad to see that you’re satisfied with the salary I pay you for fla.. hahaha just kidding! No, really – you have a gift for plumbing the best from my work, ohhh gosh, that doesn’t sound right, does it? As if you have to use a plunger to extract a kernel from a deep bowl, or! I’m trying so hard not to laugh out loud because my hubby-bubba fell asleep on the couch, and I’m sitting above him in the loft – in my office. So I’m making these snorting noises with my hand over my mouth. My wordage just struck me silly for some reason. (Lack of oxygen to the brain, maybe?) Anyway, I guess if you put the old version beside this one, you can really see how I tightened it up, and FringeMonkey David, gave me some excellent pointers to make this one sparkle, I think. I really hope it sounds as cohesive as I’d like it to, because I want to put it away now and go on to something else. I’m doing okay, just tired and maybe catching a cold. My immune system is not optimum, and I’ve been under a lot of stress lately. I’m trying to take it easy for now, now that my Mom’s doing so well with her recovery. She really is a tough, old bird! Thank you so much for asking after her and for all your good wishes on her behalf, my friend. You’ve been wonderful..:)

    I’ll be on my way over to your blog shortly.

  14. Janet, thanks for your comments on my blog. As usual I love them. I have been having a hard time keeping up with things lately.

    I don’t have someone in that war. In another war, a more important one. That’s all I can say. But I think you still understand the general concept. Thank you.

    Hello, dear Anna! No need to apologize for being busy and having a backlog because I do, too, and surely understand. I’m lucky to have understanding friends like yourself and I’ll try to get over to your blog every Thursday/Friday early hours to check in. You’re absolutely a fantastic poet whom I admire greatly..:) I wish I had a quarter of your talent! I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers to cover you while you deal with the larger issues of life. You’re a very precious and sweet soul, Anna. We need your light in our ever darkening world.

  15. There’s some great alliteration here J.
    I really enjoyed this one.

  16. Awesome poem, Janet!

    I tagged you for the six-word memoir. Drop by World Class Poetry Blog and play.

  17. Wow. Very impressive.

  18. Amazing, multi-layered, multi-faceted work! Has an inner architecture!

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