Posted by: janetleigh | March 7, 2008

The E award


Sara, of The Shores of My Dreams and blog manager of Poets Who Blog, has given me an E for Excellence Award.

I have to, in turn, pass it on to ten bloggers. I’m choosing the following for this honor:


amanda sanz


Allen Taylor

S. Thomas Summers




Billy, the Blogging Poet


Shakir Hasnain



  1. I am too much of a novice to get on the list, but I hope you’ll look at my blog anyway.

    I would love it if you commented on today’s post- “Where I come from.”

    Dr. Tom Bibey

  2. thanks for the honor janet – now, about that spanking…lol. be well.

  3. Thanks, Janet. Looks like I’m in good company. You’re well deserving yourself. Did someone say spanking?

  4. Oh my goodness!
    This is my first award and i’m very honored that it comes from you, my formidable poetess.

    Thank you.

    Do i also pass it on to 10?

  5. congratulations my friend.

    thank you so much . this is such an honour for me.

  6. Made my morning!!!!!!!!
    Thank you so very much. I’m touched – and grateful, too.
    Congratulations to you by the way. And a well-earned honor it is.

  7. Congratulations! You have such fine work here it certainly deserves recognition.

    I was honored that you passed the “E” along to Snake’s blog. Thank you.

  8. wow!! Congratulations!! You deserve the honour..

    Thank you too :). You made me smile…

  9. Congrats! I got one too. Now trying to find my 10 …

  10. I always thought you write with more passion than I do, and you have the power to bring me to another place of wonder with your words. Congratulations, Sister!

    And I am forever grateful.

    Love and Letters,


  11. Janet,
    I’ve tagged you to participate in a poetry tag. Hope you will join in. :)

  12. Thanks for the nod! You do great work(s)!

    No, you do great works, Brendan, but I appreciate your thinking I do..:) I love your work and will be back to your blog soon. I’d like to provide a link to you over on Poetmeister 4 Poets! soon. Are you game? I’m asking others here, too, so I can direct readers to all the blogs and give you all more exposure. Thank you so much for your support and coming back here, Brendan.

  13. Saw your comment on If you’d like an invite, just send me an email with your email address.

    I’m so sorry to be replying to your lovely invitation so late after the fact, Michael. In the event you return here, please accept my apology. I’ve been under the gun lately and my blog has suffered for it. I chuckled when I read this msg from you and your lovely invitation to join Appleseed Project because you had done so already, a few weeks ago I believe, and I haven’t been back yet to continue setting up my place, but I will be, so don’t give up on me. I love the concept of Appleseed and hope to spread the word, too. Thanks again for inviting me, again! Your follow-up skills are to be lauded! See you soon..:)

  14. Well-deserved for you and thanks! Too kind… With a bit of a delay I’ve finally got round to doing the little assignment you set me (well, you know, six words is a lot…)

    Hope you’re well!


  15. janet,
    wanna be in on our revolution?
    we’re inducting at fringemonkey

    Oh, oh..I’m afraid to look, David. Do I have to write something to be inducted? I still owe Kim a poem for she hath tagged me! I haven’t a moment to spare, dear. But, I’ll stop in to see what kind of mischief you’re up to.. You know, I do so love a revolution! heh heh

  16. Congratulations Janet, you deserve it!
    And thank you so much for considering me for such an honor. You are dear and close to my heart.


  17. […] dear friend Janet Leigh was asked to pick ten blogs to give this E Award for Excellent and chose me among one of them. […]

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