Posted by: janetleigh | March 14, 2008

Humming bird at home



Sights set on wing back
ailerons set
duster at hand
ready jet go

buzzing buzzing set on fly

buzzing zig zag by
there to here and here to that
then zap!
upon daddy’s feathered hat

hum hum hum hum hum
hum hum hum

working over up and down
singing softly twirling round

busy bee won’t you come and see
busy busy
busy me

hum hum hum hum hum
hum hum hum

home home on the range
where the beers and the cant-a-dope lay
where the dears and the buffed halos roam
where hivedom is served by a drone in a herd
and the Queen is most haughty all day!

la la la la la

duster down shoes
mcn’s blue guitar blues

looking more polished and fine
than old torn Calvin Kleins

dust old Dougie’s bone
this old house is fallin’ down

HUM um um Um Um

um engage um um um um UM UM
landing gear um um
um watch out for the dear
om om om om om om om at home
home home on the range
where spilt food burned on the coil where it lay
where laundry and chores make Mom head for the door
she runs off with a neighborhood stray!

ha ha ha just aha kidding

at last the pollen count is down
cleanest nest in this whole town

ay ay on the range
um um um um um duster found down
look it over and shout
now bee don’t you doubt
that the skies are not cloudy all day!


Hummingbird photos by Toby Jeffery


  1. what an absolutely delightful poem… i have two feeders right outside my window,, and they are inspiring… and poetry inspiring as well i see!!!!!

    ahhh, another hummingbird lover..:) I like to keep several feeders outside my window but the ones I enjoy the most are around my butterfly bushes where they zig zag by me and many times they’ll be like an arm’s length away from me! I can see them up close and their colors are gorgeous. I love to dead-head, especially bushes, and can spend hours doing it. It’s like meditation to me. So pleased that you enjoy this, Paisley! I’ll be making my rounds again soon. I’m just having a hard time getting going lately. I’m in a flare and sometimes life grinds to a halt for me. It won’t last long, but I feel bad that I don’t have the energy to do much blogging. Hope you’re doing well!

  2. great poem!

    Thank you so much, coldfire!

  3. wow. what a work. tremedous photos.

    I’m so glad you like it, Scott..:)

  4. Brilliant poem and love the pictures!

    And thank you, too, very much, Stacey! So nice of you to stop by again..:) I’ll be returning to your place, too, soon.

  5. Great rhythms and sounds, it was an absolute joy to read this one out loud!

    Are those pictures from your house, though? Looks sunny and warm over there…

    I’m tickled that you enjoyed this one, Ario. I wish I could say this was my place. It’s colorful, carefree spirit so suits me! There’s a link to the photographer under the bottom photo..:)

  6. Janet, you know I have read your poetry for quite some time now…but have been too intimidated by the perfection of it all to say much. –but I have to be able to jump to your doorstep when I’m visiting my friends so I have added you. I hope that is okay. I love the photos with this and I sang this to my boys! Lovely spring smiles it brought to our faces :-) Wonderful.

    Hello, and welcome to Poetmeister, Alison! So very nice of you to stop by and leave such a nice note for me. But, I’m surprised that you feel intimated by what you refer to as my “perfection” (hardly!) and please know that I put up plenty of crap, too.. just keep looking deeper here, heh heh. But, it’s awfully nice of you to think it..:) I’ve been meaning to stop by your blog ever since I noticed you on my last visit to bitterhermit’s place, but to be honest, I’m having a hard time keeping up with everything right now. My energy is at a low point and I’m in a flare right now. Just be patient with me because this is just a temporary thing that comes and goes. And I’m absolutely delighted that you added a link to me from your blog! I’ll do the same, if you’d like..:) Again, it’s very nice to meet you and I hope you’ll come by again. I’ll see you soon at your place!

    p.s. Alison, I went looking for you at bitterhermit’s but your link on his page is not valid. If you have a blog/website, may I visit?

  7. What a delightful romp! beating with the heart of the hummingbird.

    I’m not surprised that this one appeals to you, you nature lover, you! I love your work, quidam. If it’s all right with you, I’d like to put some excerpts up on Poetmeister 4 Poets! Just give me the word, okay?

  8. I think my link will show wuth this comment now. My original site was, but the last post is simply to send you to my new site. Let’s try this. I hate leaving geek links in a comment, but would love for you to stop by when you can. I understand the energy level low light, and honestly stopped by again to tell you I refilled the hummingbird feeder tonight and thought of you and your beautiful pictures, poem :-) I’m good at some things –patience is one of them. Rest and rejouvenate your soul. I’ll be checking in. Thank you for you thoughts and kind words. Ali

    You’re gonna love this, Alison. I just looked at this Comment link thinking it was a comment I made on another blog awaiting approval. I think I’ve been ignoring it for days. LOL! Isn’t that a riot!? I just noticed your new blog site URL last night when I went to add you to my Technorati Favorite list. Gawd, sometimes I’m such a stu-nod! [smacks forehead] So sorry, Alison. I’ll be stopping in to Silent Verses soonish. . I can’t even remember if I commented on your blog last night. I must get a new head with a brighter brain. Sorta like Arnold in the Terminator, but cuter, heh heh.

  9. I haven’t read a poem so cheerful and carefree and zestful as this one. I smile and the computer screen smiles back.

    “Ready jet go…dear and buffed halos roam”…I love this, Janet.

    Hi, Tom!!! So good to see you like this piece of noiseful din, hee hee. You’re so generous in your compliments about my work, Tom, and it means a lot to me! Blessed be, my friend, I’ll be by soon..:)

  10. Reminds me of ear-splitting screams of pure joy at the playground, with kids playing tag and sometimes doing that thing where they form a big circle, hold hands, sing a song or chant a rhyme… Ah, the giggles. (I used to teach Sunday School to kids aged four to six — it was a riot, haha! All they wanted to do was play games!)

    Your poem really lifted up my spirits today. Thank you. I hope you are in better spirits as well, dear. Be blessed.

    Wow. You put me right there in that circle holding hands, Soulless, and I can feel the Joy and hear the Laughter. I’m tickled pink you got so much out of this piece. Thanks so much for telling me so, my friend..:) I’ll be popping in very soon. I have so much to catch up with. I hope you understand!

  11. Happy Easter Janetleigh :-)

    I’m sorry I didn’t see this until well after the fact, Stacey. I hope you had a nice Easter – mine was a quiet one. I’ll be stopping by your place soon..:)

  12. This is my favorite part:
    looking more polished and fine
    than old torn Calvin Kleins

    Brings a smile to my face.

    It’s a favorite of mine, too, Sara, along with

    “duster down shoes
    mcn’s blue guitar blues”

    as it brings up pleasant memories of Michael McNeilly, a superb on-line poet who passed over into his greater reward not too long ago. He loved that I included a mention of him in this poem, so it brings a smile to my face, too..:)

  13. Absolutely wonderful!

    I’m so glad you, too, enjoyed this kinetic poem, JO, as it shows me you have a carefree, joyful spirit as well…:)

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