Posted by: janetleigh | March 31, 2008

Haiku 4 U

If souls be entwined
of one mind in one heart song –
Let Van be the Man.
Photo by M. Nomized


  1. Hey Janet! How’s your inspiration level? It’s already April! How’d that happen?
    Love the poem and picture here.
    That last line kinds of limits it, but that’s cool too.

    This reply is after the fact, but I’d like you to know in all seriousness that great minds think alike, even good ones for that matter. Now I know you like Van, and that makes you an expert in music, too..;>

  2. Couldl that be a fractal there?
    How is hubby? That kind of emergency is trying, many have endured it.
    hope all is well.

    Hello Goatman and Welcome to Poetmeister. I don’t know if it’s a fractal, but I’ve corrected the link and if you click on the photo now it should take you to the artist’s site where you might be able to get more information. I came upon his site by accident and love what I found there. You might, too..:) Hubby-bubba is doing much better and I thank you so much for your concern! All is well. Do come back, grab a chair by the fire, and tea will be served promptly..:) And please leave a link to your blog, as well.

  3. Love the photo you added to this haiku. A nice tribute and the photo really sets the mood.

    Sorry I’m a day late on the I promise blogging. Time gets away from me, I guess.

    Thanks, Sara! Glad you enjoyed it..:) Don’t worry about being late on the I Promise blogging, time gets away from me, too, and in my case, events happen.

  4. Hello Janet,
    Love this poem and photo. I find that listening to music helps the writing flow when I’m working. I wasn’t too familiar with Van, but just listened to him on iTunes, and this album is wonderful.

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