Posted by: janetleigh | April 5, 2008

Haiku 4 U

Trusted walking stick –
leads to Spring’s clarion call
in every crocus.

Photo by hingeschmierter



  1. Earth’s ancient cycle is to sleep
    (and we are lulled)
    then to wake and devastate our eyes
    (which are snow/cloud/chill weary)
    with color and curve and odor and the buzz of bees…

    A lovely haiku 4 us.
    Thank you.

    Thanks, c, and a thought-provoking poem from you, or it ought to be..:)

  2. Luminous picture. Equally uplifting haiku.

    Had to look up Crocus …

    Spring is a perfect time for haiku. (Actually, by its very nature, haiku is perfect for every season.)

    Hello Sanjeev! Thanks for stopping by.. I love writing haiku. You’re right that it’s perfect for every season.. ;> I’m surprised you never heard of crocus before this, and I’m happy to left the link for it on Wikipedia, a good and interesting source of information. How’ve you been lately? Hope your world is right with you – and I’ll be stopping in again soon. I’m just a little backlogged lately and it will take a little time to visit and comment on all my favorite blogs! Do you remember Greg Jungiem (sp?) at RAP who used to write some very good senryu? Used to crack me up. As I understand it, senryu is structured like haiku but is of a personal nature written wryly, while haiku is basically about nature. Anyway, just wonder if you remember him; I was sad to learn that he had passed over, as well as Michael McNeilley a few years ago. Michael was one of the great rappers I loved to interact with. He was slow to warm up to you, but his friendship was steadfast & loyal.

  3. Great and fitting image and some nice sounds – an excellent haiku.

    The recent snow here seems to have killed off all the crocuses (crocii???) which were growing so early and plentiful in February. It would be nice if Spring could finally bother to start properly. (Yes, I am feeling grumpy today…).

    Thanks, Ario! That’s right, you’d be up to your neck in snow now! I remember being in Munchen around Fasching time, well, earlier than this actually, but during your winter. Have you ever been to a Faschingsball? I thought it was c-r-a-z-y! I think I was walking around and reveling in Karlsplatz.


  4. Beautiful, so simple, so moving…..

    Thank you so much for stopping in to tell me this, johemmant!

  5. Just wanted to say a big thank you,(I have left you a comment on my site as well) for your lovely build up to my poem, the fact that you feel that I have expressed it so well is appreciated, as I have tried to write it as me as a mum, and and how I see my son’s suffering on daily basis.
    Thank you once again :-)

    Thank you, Stacey, for allowing me to use it to raise public awareness of Autism..:)

  6. it fits the picture perfectly. gorgeous picture, too. you’ve made it yours.

    Thanks for your feedback, Rick, it’s greatly appreciated..:)

  7. hello janet,

    enjoyed the photo (yours?) and the peom. tight and crisp.

    Hi Scott, I’m happy you like it. It’s not my photo; there’s a link under the haiku to the photographer’s site..:)

  8. Janet:

    This is my first foray onto your lovely blogsite. I have found you out there dropping by on Alex Shapiro’s blog, and even once on mine. Your warmth, creativity, and poetic soulness simply radiates.

    In my yard
    Spring’s a bright riot
    of pink and white.

    Nature is so passionate
    as it buds, blossoms, and flowers,
    mantling winter’s cold heart.

    Somewhere in the San Juans
    Alex kisses a daffodil,
    and we all rejoice.

    I will drop in from time to time now.


    Welcome to Poetmeister, Glenn, make yourself at home, grab a chair by the fire and hot toddy is in the making for you..:) You say such nice things about me and my blogsite which puts a smile on my face!

    I love your poem, especially, “Spring’s a bright riot” love how that sounds, “mantling winter’s cold heart” is a great line, and the last 2 lines, “Alex kisses a daffodil, /and we all rejoice” are primo! Such joy and love there. Alex sure brings out the best in us. It’s so nice to meet you, and I do hope you’ll stop by when you can. I’ve left words wherever you made comments, Glenn. I hope I didn’t miss any. You’ve been so kind and generous with your impressions of my work here and I appreciate the time you took to make them.

    See you soon, I hope!

    Janet Leigh

  9. This poem creates a peaceful feeling in me. Nicely crafted.

    Peace is a good thing to attain, Sara.. Hope you wear it like a warm blanket. Thanks for stopping in and posting such a nice comment…:)

  10. This is simply adorable.

    Thank you, Sweetie…:) {{{hug}}}

  11. what beautiful convolutions janet…

  12. Lovely ‘spring’s clarion call in every crocus’. I know just what you mean!

  13. This is just lovely. Crocuses really are the first reality of spring. Beautiful photo too.

  14. Thanks for stopping by! Beautiful haiku and image.

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