Posted by: janetleigh | April 13, 2008

Haiku 4 U

Spring tip-toes off stage –
Makes way for stubborn Winter
unprovoked encore.

Photo by Muffet



  1. beautiful….breath taking… the unprovoked encore is well worth the wait..

    I’m so glad you enjoyed this, Shakir.. hope things are looking up for you these days..:) Please let me know which of your blogs you’re posting most to these days.. Be well, my dear friend.


    You can say that again! It’s been pouring rain here today with chance of floods. O Joy. Last time that happened the little lake’s dam across the street was breached and we had water and gravel from our neighbor’s driveway well past our barn up into the yard. Not that that mattered. The barn’s only for looks. haha. How are you and your young symphony doing these days, Scott? I shall be by on nigh..:)

  3. Lovely.

    Thank you, Jo..:)

  4. A fine poem, Janet, fitting for the pic; and yet it is not what I witness out my window–which does not diminish the loveliness of your lyric and message.

    Spring stabs its fecund
    Stilleto into the heel of winter;
    Forcing it to flee.

    Spring pungently projects
    a myriad of olfactory wonders
    directly into my heart.

    White and pink petals
    burst as blossoms blissfully,
    only to drop too soon into silent heaps.

    That, dear lady, is what I see out my window.


    I love those images, especially “Spring stabs its fecund stilleto into the heel of winter forcing it to flee!” Wheeeee! Very clever and memorable, Glenn. White and pink petals.. we finally got some of them the last few days. The dogwood along the driveway are turning white. We have so many beautiful trees and shrubs around us. The red buds line our woods in front of the stream that flows through our property; pear trees in the back yard are whitening out and my little bleeding heart has its little heart blossoms beating to the rhythm of the breeze down by the road. With the rain we’re having, things are gonna start popping out fast. My Lilies-of-the-Valley shoots are about 4 inches out of the ground, too…:)

  5. Hi,

    Tommorow is Blog Reader Appreciation day so I wanted to stop by and tell you thanks for visitimg me.

    Wishing you all the best. Hugs!


    Thank you so much, Sara. You must know by now how much I appreciate all you do for our poetry community and I just don’t know how you do it all! It’s hard for me to keep up here! I’ve made so many wonderful friends through your blogsite, Poets Who Blog, Sara, so it’s really working. Everything takes time and patience. I keep telling myself that.. especially now that I’ve got P4P! up and running. Rome wasn’t built in a day, something my Mom used to say as I was growing up! Funny I should think of that now – cuz I hate that expression! lol Wishing you all the best, too, Sara, and thousands of more hits on PWB! {{{hugs}}}

  6. Winter is very stubborn here in Chicago. I can relate to this one. Still you make lousy winter, as I call it, seem lovely in this by highlighting the glory that comes when it is over.

    Yikes! I remember Chicago -oo- the bloodiest cold windy weather I’ve ever experienced – outside of Davenport, ND, that is..:) Which we all know is on that other planet. Gawd. My Dad moved us out to Davenport during a blizzard and we ended up in a cornfield somewhere near Bumfark, Egypt. (Now you know why I refer to him as ‘Father, Nutcase the First’ in my Ezra Pound piece *rolling eyes*) Anyway, yeah, Chicago can be unforgiving in the Winter.. so I can see why you’d appreciate a little visualization of things to come.. and it will come..

  7. we have tulips rising through snow, too. the picture and poem work delightfully together.

    Yes, isn’t it a glorious sight! Has Spring sprung? Finally?! And, Rick… thank you for stopping by and for your lovely thoughts..:)

  8. Ahhh! Tis true.

    How you doing, Noah? Hope Spring has sprung in your little world, too..:)

  9. gorgeous!

    Thank you, Stacey!

  10. you are so right.. the weather has been obscure… 80’s one day and iced over windshield the next…..

    You, too, Paisley?! Where do you live? East Coast has been very weather-whacky this year. Cold, hot, hot, cold, jacket on, jacket off, take umbrella, leave umbrella. I just wish it would be here, already, in its entirety, so I can get on with the annual hyperallergic reaction over with.. aaaand mooooove into mold mode.. haha! (Hope you don’t suffer from allergies.)

  11. So true! But why does spring have to tip-toe away anyway? Sheesh! Can’t it fight back a little? Sorry…needed to vent…

    LOL… that’s okay, rant on, Jo. We all need to vent about now after months of cabin-fever! Hope you have a glorious Spring, Jo! Thank you for stopping in and making me laugh..:)

  12. I didn’t enjoy winter’s performance much this year, I have to admit! Loved this poem!

    I think a lot of us can say the same, Deborah. Can you say cabin fever!?! Yes. I thought you could..:) I’m glad you enjoyed this piece.

  13. amazing photo married to the perfect haiku

    How kind of you to let me know your thoughts on this haiku, Jade (love your name!).

  14. Janet:

    Ah, you poets! You can not help yourself, can you?
    In your lovely response to my response earlier, you wrote a hidden poem, which I was ecstatic to extract. I include for your wonder and perusal. I have already posted it on FFTR under your name. How presumptious of me! Yet, it needed to be done.

    Dogwood Days

    The dogwood
    along the driveway
    are turning white.
    we have so many
    beautiful trees and shrubs
    around us.

    The red bulbs
    line our woods
    in front of the stream
    that flows
    through our property;
    pear trees
    in the back yard
    are whitening out,
    and my little bleeding heart
    has its little heart blossoms
    beating to the rhythm
    of the breeze
    down the road.

    Janet Leigh April 2008

    Poetry from prose, what a reality.

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