Posted by: janetleigh | April 18, 2008

Middle of the Night Haiku 4 U


Earth bids day goodnight –
as red lips kiss fading light
veiled by lacy woods.


Photo by Johnnyb4


Revised 4/18/08.
[I meant to type “revise” not “edited” *smacks forehead* ;]


  1. Hi Janetleigh, what a stunning picture,
    ” as red lips kiss fading light”
    words beautifully match the picture!
    I have left you a comment on poetmeister for poets, thank you once again! :)

    Hi, Stacey, thank you for your thoughts on this haiku I wrote in the middle of the night. Being a night owl has its advantages – silence and no distractions – wheeee! You quite welcome re P4P, and thank you so much for your contributions and comments!

  2. ooooo … gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous … *ecstatic sigh*

    Thank you for telling me it affected you in that way, Shell. I appreciate your feedback..:)

  3. Had to lay this one somewhere and why not here, I says:

    All socks off for spring
    white feet – out of place in green
    sun will warm the soul

    Happy spring to you dear poet.

    Hello, Goatman! Thanks so much for gracing this page with one of your own haiku – and I dig this one – put a smile on my face! And Happy Spring to you, 2, goatman!

    Say, I just wonder, Goatman, have you thought about making your Comment name a “live” link so people can click on it and go to your own beautifully unique blog? Just asking… :)

  4. A firey sunset as “red lips”.
    i wish i’d’ve thought of that.

    Lovely, lovely.

    Thank you, c. I wish I’d’ve thought of many an excellent line of yours, me dear.. :) Thank you muchy for telling me so, tho.. ;> I just got lucky.

  5. Very creative. I, too, love the red lips.

    It’s so nice of you to tell me so, Pam. I think I had more than 2 brain cells left in me – and I didn’t need ’em for breathing.. ;>

  6. Well everyone has said it–“red lips kissing”

    is an excellent line–fresh/original!

    I really appreciate that – coming from you, especially, Scot. You just wrote one of the most beautiful haiku sonnet’s a la Felso form that really impressed me. May I highlight a few lines of it on Poetmeister 4 Poets!
    with a link to it on your blog? I’d like to give it more exposure. It’s just exquisite. (I wish I had written it..heh heh :)

  7. This haiku rocks! Fresh, imaginative, complete, rich, yet sparse and specific. It is one of my favorites of yours so far, but I am sure you will create some equal soon. The photo is both beautiful and surreal, kind of like your various states of mind. You not only see nature clearly, but you see and hear its latent poetry. And now you have gone a step further and sculpted an icon into a metaphor, bent the laws of nature, and made them your very own. Bravo, dear lady! Keep them coming!

    Spring in the northwest
    is hearty, yet dissident;
    snow on the blossoms.


    Wow. Have you ever put a smile on my face, Glenn! Thank you. Not everyone sees me as having a surreal mind, so that’s a new one of me. But – quite true. Quite true. heh Pretty soon people will come to know me as That [Uri] Geller Girl Who Bends Illegitimate Poem into Nature’s Law .. lol Does this satisfy the requisite for an Emily Emmy,.. or whatever they could call it. ;>

    Your haiku is beautiful as well. And conforms to 5-7-5! Your word choices are primo – hearty/yet dissident. Just the right tone.. hearty is haughty, ‘yet dissident’ can be delivered in monotone clenching one’s teeth in annoyance. I love it!

  8. a stunner, both poem and phot

    Hello, Jade. :) Welcome to Poetmeister, and thank you very much for stopping in and taking the time to tell me how my piece affected you! Please make yourself at home while you’re here; I shall visit you soon!

  9. perfectly beautiful.

    Thank you for saying so, and Welcome, welcome to Poetmeister, writerchick! I really enjoyed dropping by your blog and will definitely return..:)

  10. They look like lips too. Amazing image from a great photographer. It makes me think of the coming evening so much fonder. “Lacy woods” give me thoughts of a lace night dress. Silky smooth to the mind, these.

    I really appreciate your thoughts on this, Tom. I was afraid some, coming upon the words “lacy woods” would think of a porno star. (hysterical laugh)

  11. Sensual. You are a way with creating images that pop. Even without the photo I can see this poem’s image perfectly in my minds eye.

    Hello, Sara, how nice of you to stop by..:) Oh! Silly me, it’s Thursday. Good thing you stopped in to remind me of I Promise blog hop. Meet you at the blog hop! Meet you at the hop!! (You’re probably too young to remember “the hop” heh heh). I appreciate your kind comment because you might not think that thought after seeing the one I just put up. But then again, it’s more like a post-it note, than a haiku. lol Hope things are going well for you!

  12. Really nice haiku Janet. I still like the garden and blog one the most. But I love what you have done with your photo and poem combinations.

    My husband and I are creating a new site – well he is putting it together, it’s his very first website.

    Poem Poem Poem.

    Would you like to exchange links with us? I would be super-honored.

    I put your link here:

    Online Poetry.

    And if you would like to contribute a poem to our new blog that would also be great! It is:

    Poems and Stories.

    Thanks Janet. Hope you have a great day.

  13. Firstly, the photos on here are gorgeous! And then I read the words. Equally gorgeous!

    Hello, White Rose, and Welcome to Poetmeister! Thank you for stopping in to tell me you enjoyed this..:) Please make yourself at home, and I’ll go fetch tea..:) Be back shortly!

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