Posted by: janetleigh | April 18, 2008

Today’s Haiku 4 U


Thirty trees one row
Lined up front on cloudy sky –
shot against setting sun.


Photo by Jon Bower


  1. Somehow, in my fevered mind’s eye, this pic, and your haiku make images of Iraq spring to mind, soldiers standing tall at attention, ready to do the imperialist bidding, ready to sacrifice their very lives, ready to be “shot against the setting sun”.

    Your cloudy day looks heavy overcast with some kind of despair, full of sand in the air, and the sound of choppers and humvees and explosions, and there, just barely audible on the wind, the cries of the slain; both ours and theirs.

    Bad day in Baghdad,
    standing all in a line;
    the martyr killed all of us.


    Your take on it is a bit more in-depth than mine, Glenn, placing its location in Iraq. When I saw this photo for the first time, it was the sky what got my attention, then the trees as soldiers. The title of the picture is Winter Sunset; I thought to myself, “Ha, shot against the setting sun” and it just turned into the execution image. That you picked up on this is absolutely amazing, as is your taking it a step further placing this execution in Iraq. Uncanny, Sir! It’s the total grayness, tense, troubled noisy sky that laid the groundwork for me. ..:)

    I love your words of interpretation, too. So fitting, and describes my feelings/thoughts much more than my words could. Thank you so much, Glenn! We both ought to rest; this fever’s got us both…;> heh heh

  2. oh, i love this one – it has such an ancient asian rhythym to it. lovely.

    Ohhhh, Sara, I’m sorry I missed your comment here. I love that you hear the Asian rhythm here; means it works. I also write in a child’s voce, as in Tamer. Thanks so much for stopping in and again please accept my apology for not acknowledging your comment until now. It’s hard to keep up with comments sometimes…:)

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