Posted by: janetleigh | May 1, 2008

Afternoon Haiku 4 U

Been away awhile
Torn between blog and duty –
Gardens beckon me.



  1. And how beautiful it looks…….hope that your well!

    Well, hello, sweetie! Hope you’re doing well, too, Stacey. This time of year usually knocks me for a loop – allergy, muscle stiffness-wise, and fibrofog. But, Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina, because I’m used to this yearly assault. Sooooo, if I write like I’m hitting the Courvoisier, well, I haven’t. I haven’t had alcohol for more than 10 years. And I don’t smoke. I’m no fun. I’m the turd in the punch bowl, so to speak. I have so much to do in my gardens, I just don’t know where to start. I almost cried last night from being overwhelmed. Hubby-bubba (he wouldn’t be happy about this nickname ;) just started pulling weeks from around the garden shed he built me a couple years ago and it gave me the push I needed to get going. We worked outside together for about 2 hours and made a real dent in the weed growth. He’s wonderful that way. I was gone from Jan 1 to July 4 last year and missed all the stuff I usually do in the Spring in my flower beds and usual yard work. When I got back from MichiganSucks! after being there for 6 months, it took me until Christmas to do everything to put this house back in order. I live in the country in an earth house, and when we got back here, every critter on God’s green acre were living and partying in our house! We didn’t leave the key with anyone because I was only going to be with my hubby in Michigan for about 4-6 weeks. Well, we got stuck in 2 blizzards and couldn’t get the hey out of MichiganSucks! due to weather or hubby was traveling or building machines with deadlines. I better stop now or I’ll be writing about my experience being in MichiganSucks! during 2 blizzards living in our RV which is not FULLY winterized. heh heh See? You don’t want me to go there, trust me. Your kind remark about my garden lifted my spirits. Thank you, Lady!

  2. GREAT Haiku Janet! I love!

    Thanks for your *wave* – you are so funny! You always make me smile.

    Hi, Anna! Thanks for your kind thoughts about this haiku, but it’s really more like a post-it note (compared to my Middle of the Night Haiku 4 U 2 posts down). I’m so glad to stop in and find new posts on your blog. Way to go! Your guest poet, Christine Bruness, is a very sensitive, fine writer and I so enjoyed her guest posts. I’ll be getting by again soon-ish. I’m sure you know the time involved darting from one blog to another and I’m shouldering a back-log as it is. Do take care! You’re in my thoughts..:)

  3. Do what you can when you can!

    Good write, and thanks for the comments!

    Helloooo, Noah. Thanks for coming by and letting me know you like this little ditty. I think I’m going to use your words as my new slogan: Do what you can when you can! There’s a heap of understanding written in that one line..:) I enjoyed my visit on your blog, Noah, as I usually do. I love the way you’ve been tightening up your poems; the one that really gets me down inside is your You thought wrong piece. I’m directing Poetmeister 4 Poets! readers to your blog by highlighting this poem on the site. I hope you don’t mind – but if you do – just let me know and I’ll remove the post, ok? No hard feelings. With your blessings, I’d like to highlight your work from time to time on the site. What say you?

  4. Janet,
    I know that blogging produces more endorphins than cortisols (just barely ;) ) & -I truly enjoy what you write-. However, if you have a need to (weed) spend quality time in the garden please do. I would ache to know that we are keeping you from a joy that you so richly deserve. (can I get an AMEN from the back of the room!) I say this with much certainty. For as I meant to post yesterday I planted trees & flowers in my yard all afternoon instead. I figure that the internet will always be here tomorrow.
    Oh, your tail of Michigan sounds like a train wreck. Glad you made it out. Dobry.

    Hello, Polar! Yessirree, about them endorphins. lol. Thanks so much for your good will towards me, Polar, and especially for writing that I deserve some joy in my life. I appreciate it, but just so I haven’t mislead you about my trials and tribulations, and I have had many, I find joy even in the ‘testing’ grounds of Life. heh heh No one and no thing is gonna steal my joy – or my peace of mind. I just sound like a complaining olde phart – because I r 1!! hee hee. Well, I commisserate with you on any aches and pains from all that planting the other day, Polar. I’m pretty stiff tonight. I’m doing a little gardening each day, trying to catch up, but as you know, there’s always something more to be done. I also know the internet will be here tomorrow, but I just feel like I should let my dear readers know when I’m going to post less or have been ‘silent’ for a spell. Thanks for coming by, Polar..:)

  5. The last line makes me smile. Enjoy those gardens. Sounds like a perfect way to replenish your inspiration.

    I’m always happy to put a smile on your face, Sara! Gardening is one of my favorite activities – but this year I’ve run into a perplexing problem. Because I wasn’t here to do all the Spring things last year (because I was in MichiganSucks! for 6 months!), my garden is overrun by Lamb’s Ears. It’s choking out anything that survived my neglect last year. I mean, it is everywhere. Even out in the lawn. Ack!

  6. your garden? ever read…damn i forget the title; however a major premise is to tend to your own garden. happy digging. may blossoms abound.

    LoL, my garden isn’t secret, Scot.. ;> Anyone can see it as they drive by on my road. Only trouble is, we don’t get much traffic around these parts. We’re the last house on the black top before it turns to dirt road. No one who doesn’t live back here has no business being back here, ya hear! I hope you’re surrounded by signs of Spring where you are. See you at yours, soon..:)

  7. That looks like a lovely garden. Gardens are so much more fun than sitting behind a computer (he says sitting behind a computer, while his girlfriend is tending the flower pots on the balcony…).

    Have a good time and take care,


  8. Janet
    we all have gardens that need attention–a bloggers garden is never done–or something–good poem

  9. Janet:
    Thanks for the post-it haiku–it was kind of you. Many of your respondants, I’m sure, miss you when life calls you away from the keyboard. Yes, endorphins abound when you get those little hands in the earth, troweling around your flowers, planting others, breathing in the floral perfume, and that smell of damp dirt and wet rocks. When I was more physically able, I did like to mess around in our gardens. Like most folks we have edges of the lawn, and around the house where the blossoms bless us and the weeds curse us. My lovely wife, Melva, has to be the sole gardener now. She does it wonderfully, but she is not always in the mood for the stooping and digging. But I would be remiss if I did not say that when you are writing poetry, or typing it onto some blog somewhere, there are endorfins aplenty as well. Poetry is the garden we all inhabit.

    There you are, lady,
    on those Shenandoah slopes,
    with sun on your lips.


  10. i know this feeling so well. i also find solace and peace in my garden – something about being among things that are growing that feeds the soul, yes?

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