Posted by: janetleigh | May 11, 2008

O, Glorious morn!

O, glorious morn!
Dedicated to heroes –
Happy Mother’s Day!



  1. I really love the picture and the words do justice to it.

    Thanks, Noah! The photo just touches my heart and, of course, all mother’s are heroes. Parenting is the hardest job in life, although some think building a rocket is more important. Don’t listen to them. Being a parent is by far the hardest job, no parent is perfect and can only fall back on their own experience in raising a child, that’s why I think there ought to be a user’s manual for parents handed out in high school! hee hee

  2. and a happy mothers day to you too!!!!

    giraffes are so goofy looking… how can you not love them?????

    Thanks, Paisley! You’re so right about giraffes looking goofy, and I think this photo lends them some dignity, no? Hope you’re doing well!..:)

  3. That is a wonderful pic! You have really touched on the heartbeat of this Hallmark-induced holiday. They sell a lot of cards, and Moms everywhere are given their due; sort of. We know you have a son who is a composer or conductor, but do you have other kids? I have three daughters. Our youngest came over today to cook Melva a dinner. The middle child is in Mexico on a mission trip. The oldest is in Maryland with her soldier husband, and our two grandsons. Mothers are heroes, there is no doubt about it.


    Hi there, Glenn! Thanks for being so supportive of mothers as heroes… ;> As you know, I think parenting is the hardest job in life and oh boy! I’m sure you know of what I speak. Having 3 daughters is no easy feat, I’m sure. I’m one of 4 sisters and 1 bro (the youngest/most spoiled-surprise!) and I can tell you as a parent, I think boys are easier to raise. My son was such a good kid growing up so I feel blessed that as an only child, my first was a boy. He’s a professional singer and conducts his own chamber ensemble. He’s one of 4 founding members of the Antioch Quartet which he decided to expand when the Antioch Quartet was asked to join Trinity Choir of Trinity Church, Wall Street, Manhattan. Most of the Trinity Choir wanted to sing with Antioch so they became an ensemble and left with Antioch when they finished their residency. They were the only quartet-in-residence at Trinity. Musical Director Burdick wanted Josh but he wouldn’t abandon his 3 co-horts so Burdick asked the 4 to come in and audition and hired all of them on the spot. ~~~~~~~~~~ I think it’s wonderful your daughter cooked dinner for your wife/her Mom. I’m interested in what kind of mission your middle child is on in Mexico? She’s with a group, is she not? And your oldest is a hop, skip and a jump from me in Maryland. Is your son-in-law deployed? I’ll bet your grandsons are musically inclined or hams, right? Tell me more about your family. ~~~~~~~~~~ I also have 3 step-daughters which I don’t see very often. The youngest just left for Germany to be with her soldier husband, and the 2 oldest are out west doing their own thing.

  4. Happy Mother’s day to you!! Thank your Mother on my behalf, for if it wasnt for her, I would be able to read what you write. I am glad to have you part of my world. :).

    And I hope you had a happy Mother’s day, as well, my soul, and thank you for your lovely comment about wanting to thank my Mom for me. I’m going to pass it on to her. And I have to say I truly am happy to have you as part of my world, my soul…:)

  5. wonderful combination!

    I’m glad you think so, and Scot, thanks so much for stopping in again…:)

  6. sweet. love the image too.

    Thank you, too, Sara..:)

  7. A Little bit late but……
    Happy Mothers day to you also.
    Hope that your keeping well ;-D

    Never worry about being late, Stacey! Sure hope you had a well-deserved Happy Mother’s Day, too. I’m keeping sane, Stacey. lol. Being well, I’d have to think about. ;>

  8. Very sweet! I like it. Hugs.

    Thank you, Sara. And {{{huggs}}} backatcha!

  9. Janet,

    Your giraffes are almost as adorable as my boy – HA.

    Smile…it’s almost Saturday.


    Hi Scott o/ . ha! Your son is tons cuter than my giraffes, my dear. If you weren’t so far away, I’d offer to babysit for you and your wife. He looks like he has a nice personality, too. I have great referrals, too..:)

  10. Okay, I emailed myself. It seems to be working now.

    Great, Anna!!

  11. So cute, so, so cute. Happy mother’s day, belated, actually very, England’s is in March!

    Yes, they are adorable, Jo. Just a perfect picture for Mother’s Day. Thanks for your good wishes, too. You’re sweet. Are you a mother, too, and do you live in England (am assuming yes, since you mention the date difference)? If you live in England, are you near London?

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