Posted by: janetleigh | May 26, 2008

Sea surrounds me

When the moon pushes
………..the clouds away,
………..and the waves
………..glide upon the shore
……… silver wings,
………..I’ll want your arms around me
………..sharing the mystery of the main,
………..the secret of its soul.

Wrapped around each others thoughts
………..roving over sand and rock,
………..searching with a single eye
………..together we shall find a place,
………..for our one heart this love creates
……… dwell forever in His grace.

When the moon disappears
………..into morning,
………..and the sounds of the sea
………..are distant echoes
……… our minds,
………..I’ll want your arms around me
………..sharing the mystery of His soul,
………..and dwell forever in this place.

Recycled from the crypt..



  1. gives on the feeling of waves lapping on a smooth sand shore… very nice….

    Thank you, Paisley :)

  2. Feel strangely at peace after reading that, thanks Janet.

    I love giving peace, Jo. Thanks for stopping in to read an oldie from the crypt.. ;>

  3. Really beautifully written…:-D

    Hope you have had a good weekend ;-)

    Thank you for wishing a good weekend on me, Stacey. Our plans fell through and we had a quiet weekend instead. The weekend’s bright moment was seeing my red poppy finally bloom. It’s one of the only plants that survived our being away from home for 6 months last Jan – July when spring maintenance can mean the difference between live-or-die for some plants. Upon taking a real close look at the poppy I discovered there’s another bud on it about to bloom! (swoon) I planted the poppies in a flower bed out front about 7 years ago and the first year there was plant and no poppy, then each year after, one poppy only, this year I get 2 blooms on one plant! Who knew?!!

  4. spiritually at peace. nice pen

    I love peace, Scot. I’ve had enough chaos in my life – concentrated – critical mass – enough for several lives. I do peace now. I see you do, too. Thanks for stopping by to read.. :)

  5. Your love poems do sizzle, lady. I guess this poem has been posted elsewhere on this blog, because it sounded familiar, and when I went to my blog site, I found I had already posted it with a lovely pic. There is a kind of euphoria that you elicit here/and the waves/glide upon the shore/like silver wings/…so languid and warm, so romantic yet almost existential, making the moonlight, that cold silver cast on things, into something loving and warm–no mean feat. I love the reference that a man and a woman complete the cycle of life, that solo they are incomplete; something so many singles disregard, and wonder about their own inner sadness–/I’ll want your arms around me/sharing the mystery of the main/the secret of the soul/ Nicely put, getting the metaphysical heavyweight message mingled into the sweetness of the moment; as if you and your lover have a Zen experience, becoming the waves, morphing spiritually with the sea, becoming the waves/wrapped around each others thoughts/roving over sand and rock/ and then letting us know that you, together, are one complete organism…./searching with a single eye/together we shall find a place/for our one heart this love creates/ and then you put the icing on the poetic pastry/to dwell forever in His grace.

    And then comes the morning/when the moon disappears/into morning/ and you two have truly, for one shining moment, become one, and the din of the sea, of the waves/are distant echoes/in our minds. You cannot, nor should you, separate your spiritual message from your emotional message. Love seems to transcend the two, mingle the two, elevating you to a special plane.

    Nice poem, dear, and it makes me joyful that in a few days, Melva and I are off for the ocean to spend two days and nights by the waves and the moon.


    Glenn, you are a master at critiques & reviews; always catching the crux and true spirit of my work. Almost like you have a little alcove, a little nook, in a special room in my heart. It’s uncanny, really. Thank you so much for all the kind words you write about my work. I just wish your natural, masterful ability for the right words would rub off on me so I can do a more in-depth review in return, and for others works. But then, I might risk robbing you of your specialness, steal your thunder, dilute your expertise in the eyes & hearts of my audience, of which I won’t have any of it.. ;) I’d rather see your light burn strong.

    May you and your lovely Melba have a wonderful time enjoying the sea surround you with its mystery and awesome beauty…:) Enjoy!

  6. I’m glad you recycled it.

  7. Beautiful .. silver wings indeed … Grace of God is like the blessing of the womb is like the kiss of the beloved is like the poem which suffices to say Yes in equal measure.

  8. Wrapped around each others thoughts
    ………..roving over sand and rock,
    ………..searching with a single eye

    Wow, love those lines and the imagery in them. There’s a sensual tone lurking beneath the surface in them.

  9. The sea is dear to my heart, you probably know that. This piece is just beautiful. I love the ending:

    When the moon disappears
    ………..into morning,
    ………..and the sounds of the sea
    ………..are distant echoes
    ……… our minds,
    ………..I’ll want your arms around me
    ………..sharing the mystery of His soul,
    ………..and dwell forever in this place

    Yes, yes!! That’s where I want to be!

  10. Sweet!

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