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Glenn…some answers

Glenn, our place doesn’t look like a berm/earth house from the road (as you can see from the photo). It’s kind of like a modern earth house. The solar panel is in the front. Looking at the photo, the left side (1/3 of house) is Scott’s workshop. He loves to make machines for automation, from design to finished product. Army major, pilot, wrote Army training manual for helicopter pilots, creates media video adverts and virtual video tours for companies, designed my garden shed; he’s like a Renaissance man. Here’s some photos.

Scott and I in our younger days.

1st pic, just bought house. 2nd pic, after putting in driveway and built garden shed.
Glenn, the loft runs the entire length (65 ft) of the house (top windows) and my office
is on the right side, starting at the top floor-to-ceiling window on the right side of
solar panel. Scott basically has the whole left 1/3 of the house, top (his office) to
bottom (workshop). The bedrooms are at the back of the house against the berm with
huge window wells where we get lots of light for the back rooms. No grass on the roof,

3rd pic, front of garden shed. 4th pic, closer shot of garden shed.

5th pic, my dogwood tree, Glenn. 6th pic, further right from dogwood, our “back
forty” which is really our “front” yard. Our barn is down there by the road, left of

Partial build of Scott’s most recent machine.

Most recent machine (partial build) Scott built for automation.


  1. Janet, thanks so much for the cyber tour of your digs. I’m sure that a lot of the other folks who stop by might have been curious of your home as well, since you so openly make references to your place, your gardening, Scott, your loft office, your garden shed, etc.

    It is much more 21st century than 20th, and it is nice to see that there is no grass on the roof. At first I really thought it might be one of those earthen homes of yore that might have been built into a hillock. Lovely to actually get a glimpse of your Dogwood. I had taken some of your prose about it, morphed it into poetry, and posted a pic of a Dogwood somewhere on FFTR.

    Thank you for the wonderful support and things you have to say about my site, and about me. We all can use those cyber pats on the shoulders, those hyper-hugs, those atta boys, and atta girls.
    I must say that I am satiating my creative bent with my blog, taking off in every direction similtaneously; kind of a whirling dervish of Literary, Poetic, Hollywood, Nostalgia, and Personal kind of blog site. I have never bumped into another quite like it. It is rough as a cobb in terms of sophistication and presentation, but that will come along as I learn how to scan things better, like personal photos, and like that.

    Goodness, your Scott does sound like quite the quasi-Michelangelo, a true Renaissance fellow. Army major, pilot, inventor, and Rube Goldberg machines that have never existed on this plane before…Wow! Your relationship sounds like the perfect blend of the artistic and the scientific, the emotional and the mechanical; perhaps a match made far in advance other than here.

    You have been so gracious with your work, and your views. Thanks for your openness, and your candid views on my writing. Rick Mobbs is now calling me “writer man”. I like the sound of that. He is expecting a child within a week or so, and is busy working on a movie set in Sante Fe. Alex Shapiro is off to Denver for a week. Nice to see that your electricity is back on. Ironic that your generator was on the fritz just as you actually needed it; kind of like a policeman. Where are they when those idiots pass you going 80mph in a 55 zone?

    Yes, I have enjoyed sharing your poetry and prose with others on my site, and thank you for permission to continue to do so as you share more, or write more.


  2. i meant “your home?” sorry!

  3. you’ew home? kinda cool. love that lawn!!!

    More like ‘kinda ugly’ but thanks just the same, Scott. We’ve grown to love it. Because a house we wanted to buy fell through at the last minute, we had about a week to find another one in the area and believe it or not this turned out to be the only one within our price range. It had been advertised as an “estate” so you can imagine the raucous laughter upon our seeing it. However, aside from its energy benefits, it’s an open floor plan and it’s set up so that we can see the entire bottom floor from anywhere on the loft which runs the entire width of the house in front. The loft is where we have set up our offices so it’s worked out pretty well. My husband hated it on first sight, but he’s such a great guy and has learned to see its “finer qualities” over the last 8 years. My name for it is ‘The Chicken Coop” because it looks ugly from one side coming around the corner. All you see is the roof because the back is right up to the berm. It’s fun to walk on the roof, tho!!

    Oh, and Scott does NOT enjoy mowing 2 1/2 acres on weekends after being away all week. He won’t let the ‘back forty’ go-and-grow because he thinks it looks too messy over-grown. Well! He was the one who mowed over my wild flowers I planted out there the first year not knowing what they were.

  4. I think I am actually feeling jealousy! :D Beautiful home and property! And your husband sounds like an amazing man.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    Hello, White Rose, and thanks for your more than kind words about Break Wind Acres. The other house we wanted was really nice and twice the size, huge kitchen, fireplace, finished basement, 3-car garage, tiny 4th stall for workshop, and an in-porch hot tub. But it had an ugly yard and a house directly across the street. Probably 50 ft away. Instead we have a beautiful yard, much privacy, about 7 acres with a brook running through our property but one ugly-looking house! The hidden bonus to this house which made it all worth it was the fully-equipped workshop. (My husband likes to build machines for automation as a secondary job.) The elderly owner died and his kids were trying to get rid of it quick. They told us everything in the workshop came with the house. (The real estate agent tried to rip us off!) The fella had built the house himself (and it’s solid and well-built) along with most of the other houses in our sparsely built-up area. He was a developer. He lived in the ‘palace’ across the street. Apparently, he built this house (ours) for himself to get away from his wife and 30 cats! Can’t say I blame him. Thirty cats is a bit much.

    (And yes, I think my husband is an amazing man..:)

  5. Often when searching for a home, Providence or Spirit intervenes. It was such for my Melva and I. I did not like the house we bought. It looked too small from the outside. Turned out it was a rife with ethereal energy and portals and shard visitors, dancing through our many rooms and two floors. Seeing spirits, ghosts, interlopers, can be a bit challenging at first, but we raised three daughters here, and they seemed unperplexed by it. Something similiar happened to Alex Shapiro and her Charles. The house they had bid on on San Juan Island did not pan out. They happened to pass by a sign that day that led them to the wonderful abode they inhabit today. So I love your story, added to the lexicon of the lucky. 2.5 acres of lawn–that would be a challenge. I wondered why you called your office a loft, but now I see. The place was built like a dome house, where you can look down into the main area from anywhere. Great story of the original owner and the 30 cats; might be a poem lurking in there somewhere.


  6. I mean, I have said it before and I will say it again, those machines your husband builds are just damn sexy.

    The house and garden ain’t bad either :)

    Hope you’re well. Now let’s go and read some of the poetry I missed in the meantime…


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