Posted by: janetleigh | July 22, 2008


Poetmeister revved..
Hero husband follows through –
but systems on hold.

Not quite ready yet
jimmy-rigging still needed –
patience is virtue.


  1. You go, girl. No cyber gnomes will get the best of you. Nice to read some of your comments on Rick Mobb’s site, and the odd one here and there on mine. Thanks for not lying down and letting the technical woes bring you down. Then, hell, nothing could bring you down for long, enit? Stacey, the hero husband, is working hard there in his workshop, endeavoring to put you back where you belong–on line. The Nixon as alien cartoon is great. I’m sure the cow was impressed as well. Hope to enjoy the full thrust of your infatigeable energy and insight soon.


    My dahlink Glenn, thanks for your constant support and lively comments which I have come to eagerly anticipate and enjoy thoroughly! I love your understanding nature and cheerful attitude, as I’m sure my readers enjoy as well. I’ll always be grateful to and give credit to Alex Shapiro for finding your blog; mostly for the pleasure in adding you to my ever-growing circle of cyberfriends. You bring much joy to my day as do my other friends here. I feel very, very fortunate to have drawn the best-of-the-best in talent, skill and heart to my little nook on the ‘net. I love how you phrased my visits to Feel Free to Read as the “odd one here and there” because it’s nearly impossible for me to respond or comment on every entry on your blog! You have, what, more than 1,000 posts!?! You’ve created one of the neatest, unique blogs I’ve come across lately for its marriage between poetry, movie reviews, celebrity quotes and song lyrics from the Greats! I get so busy reading your posts and forget to comment; I become trance-like and enrapt in the moment! So, *chuckle* hopefully, when I get a handle on my horrendous backlog of things I do on-line, aside from my blogging fun, my visits to your blog hopefully will become more frequent with more time to do more commenting! Oh, and BTW, my hubbybubba’s name is Scott :) and I thought I ought to gently remind you that I no longer possess “infatigeable energy” anymore. It’s one of my major fibro symptoms and sometimes I don’t have the energy to do any more than read and enjoy the creativity of my reader’s blogs. It must not be evident to you (or others) that it takes a fibromite extra concentration to formulate comments on bad days (not bad in terms of spirit or attitude, but rather bad in the sense of dealing with cognitive deficits.) However – you’re right about my ability to not let anything bring me down for long.. In my personal circle, in the meat world, I’m known as “Irrepressible Janey” *laughter*

  2. I haven’t read anything from you in a while. It’s nice to see something new. :D

    Howdy, Noah, so good to hear from you, too. I’ll be hopping around the ‘net again as well as attend to my massive backlog of non-blog internet duties.

  3. the truth of my internet addiction rears its ugly head each and every time i experience problems i cannot control… i feel you on this one…

    \o/ finally! Someone knows how it feels to shrivel up and assume the fetal position when access to the internet is interrupted! Just another reason why you and me are sorta like soul(cyber)mates, Paisley!

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