Posted by: janetleigh | July 23, 2008

The grrr in me.. ;>

Greed by framedview on Flickr

Whodunit? U ask

Big oil companies
hold the world stage in angst-
Do U wonder Y?

Major distraction
takes Peoples eye off the ball-
Here’s hidden story

The Nation on-line
speaks truth 2 power – then some!
Should shock & awe U

(To: Robber Barons
UBS as in U B
Shit; LGT 2)

Wealthy steal billions
in plain sight thanks 2 big banks
money laundering

Tax havens 4 hire
How 2 fleece & skin the Peeps?
Off-shore profits, ho!

Tax evasion dough?
Need look no further than Swiss
and Liecht of Europe

“A company is..
only as ethical as
its people” — Wuffli

scumbags extraordinaire!
U B evil men

No job no home no
money – who feed “the children?”
Congress will cry out!

Rich don’t care who die
they in it for da moolah!
Who will hang’m high?

Thought I..


  1. What a stinging and stunning bit of poetry and philosophy! Makes me want to whip out a companion piece to 4-BUCK GAS. You touch on so much that is wrong with this country. We are held up, and bent over, and raped and pillaged, and taken advantage of; more so than almost any other time in our history. Even so, some of us saw it coming back in the early 70’s when the oil barons figured out how to manipulate us into believing there were gas shortages, and we had to endure those horrendous long gas lines, and could only buy it on certain days. It is Republican Fascism. It is Imperialist Arrogance. It is George W. Bush and his boys treating us like slaves, like punk bitches to be used for their pleasure. Add to that the New Crusades, and what a scenario to be plopped on the plate of our newest President. And if it is Obama, which I hope, he will have to suit up like Iron Man to prevent assassination by some misguided redneck sonofabitch who was not ready for a black man as leader, was not ready for the 21st century. In the meantime, you rant on, girl. I like your style and your point of view.


    Wow, Glenn<, tell me how you really feel about being screwed by those who are supposed to be our allies.. ;> We must be having a mind-meld <(*,) or something because I’m in the process of writing another zinger like the one above using some of the examples you’ve just mentioned! I appreciate your enthusiasm over my rant. I plan on writing more, I think. I might call them “warku” since it seems We the People have been fighting the actions of the present Congress & WH crew to do the right thing – and they thumb their noses at us!! Hmmm, although it might be more appropriate to call them “screwUku” Hey! That’s it. I’m coining the word right here, right now. (drum roll) The above rant form will be known from this moment on as a screwUku. heh

  2. rail on sister, rail on!!!

    I appreciate your enthusiasm and encouragement, Scott! I didn’t know what kind of reception this one would get.., I’m pleased so far.. :) Hope things are well for you and yours. I’ll be by shortly.

  3. i am in total agreement with this piece,, i have posted many a piece about how convenient it is that the “globe is overheating” at precisely the same moment so many underhanded business dealings, are coming to the light… you wouldn’t suppose the added emphasis would serve to take the public’s eye off the things that no one really wants us to notice?? would you??

    you brought this forth in a delightful way… pure pleasure to read…..

    You’re one of the Get Its, cybermate :D I’ve noticed how you do your civic duty by putting a fine point to issues of import. And as I’ve always said (written), poets are the true historians of their Time and they often open eyes that would not otherwise lest these things are pointed out in a different form or fashion. I hope you know how I so admire you and your work, Paisley!

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  5. In this vein, Janet, I have resurrected a couple of dozen poems written by Brian Turner about the War in Iraq. He is the consumate poet warrior, or soldier poet. Yes the poets are the true historians. So take a gander at FFTR and check out Brian’s poetic rants.

    ScrewUku, indeed, yeah–that’s as cool as beer sitting in a tub of aviation fuel in the desert. Here’s one;

    Gas is acomin’ down,
    and we are supposed to cheer
    as we await the next violation.

    Here’s another:

    Hey, Bush is nearly mute,
    as the Fascists congregate, hoping
    to shove McCain right up our lives.

    Here’s another:

    Obama went to Germany,
    just like Kennedy before him,
    while McCain drools in his senility.

    Hugs: Glenn

    Hello backatcha, Glenn. I’ll definitely stop by to read the poems of Brian Turner that you’ve put up on your blog!

    Those are really good screwUkus, Glenn. My favorite is the middle one, love the rapier twist ending.. “shove [] right up our lives.” High-fives, kudos, and a cartwheel! Just an aside: did you see where Scot asks me if I’m in a witness protection program? hmm.. do I see another haiku form ScrewdMeself2?

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