Posted by: janetleigh | July 25, 2008

Now I’m barkin’.. ;>

Impeachment hearing;
knock knock, who’s there? Mindlessness-
rampant in chamber.

Impeachment won’t fly.
Congress would need basketballs-
(working with peanuts).

What’s nucking futz
Is precedent set for next
future president.

What “true scholarship?”
I ask our Congressman Pence.
Ha! surely you jest!

Lying to Congress,
torture, spying, wiretapping
no due process!?!

Who’s the shining star?
Constitutional genius-
precisely, Bruce Fein.

In response to the present, on-going Congressional hearing, Executive Power & the Bush Administration, on C-SPAN, about the practicality of impeachment.

Revised 04.14.10



  1. not related to this post, but are you in the witness protection program?

    “..not related to this post..” bwaaaaahahahahahaha -oo-
    Gee, I don’t know if I should take that as a threat, Scot. Care to explain? <:-D

  2. The second stanza made me smile.
    Peanuts indeed!

    When will we realize, open our eyes, and use our power to do what’s right? He should’ve been fired years ago!

    Hi c! I have the luxury of being home during the day to catch congressional hearings and this one is a whopper – 6 hours long. Congress is polarized, of course, and I’d be astonished if actual impeachment hearings were held. The main issue to me is the setting of precedent for future prezdementias. The “tool” box being handed off in 2009 will be more power than any other prezdementia. BTW, I hope you’ve checked in here recently to learn why I haven’t been posting. Things seem to be working smoothly right now with my balkanized computer, but I’m facing a huge backlog of online duties beside my blogging. Please be assured that I’ll be over to see you shortly! Hope you’ve been well..:)

  3. a threat? npe, i thought you went into hiding–changed yr name–just haven’t seen you around :(

    I’m sorry if what I wrote sounded defensive, Scot, it wasn’t meant in that way. I was just curious as to why you asked me that question, is all..:) See, but now you’ve gone and made me wonder why you’d think I’d changed my name or went into hiding. ;> I left a post here days ago explaining why I haven’t been posting. My computer just up and died and my husband was away on a business trip so I had to wait until he got back to get me online again. It seems like things are going okay with this balkanized computer Scott rigged up on the fly. Keep your fingers crossed..:) BTW, I just finished putting some of your poems up on Poetmeister 4 Poets! If there’s anything you aren’t pleased with in my little write-up, or you want me to add or take down something, just let me know, and I’ll be happy to oblige, okay? I really like what you’ve been doing on your own blog, Scot! :)

  4. Thanks Janet–a sense of humor just doesn’t come across in print as easy–hey thanks for the big nod over on yr other site–makes me sound better than i am. I also saw yr post on taylors site–I have a couple more interviews in the hopper–and some unique, new challenges coming up. thanks for the visits :)

    You’re right about humor not coming across too well in print, Scot..:) especially if I forget the accompanying emoticons. However, for the most part I don’t mean anyone any harm, but I’m known for scootching with others in fun. If that helps at all. It was bizarre running into Taylor’s site while I was looking for someone else; I have a blog there and was looking for a poet and ran across his site. I thought I recognized his name from your blog. Then I saw your name so I left a note for him. Small world.. And, Scot, it’s my pleasure to spread your work far and wide.. :) Now, if I can just get P4P squared away.

  5. Hi Janet,
    Just wanted to check with you about your other site, just tried to get on to it but it’s saying that I need to have a login name and password to access the site?????????????

    Ohhh, I’m so sorry about that, Stacey! I just took it off-line while trying to get the site squared away after finding the host upgraded to Version 5 and it screwed up my site. During the past few weeks while I didn’t have a computer to use, the host upgraded and that’s why I couldn’t post from the site while using my clunky old back-up computer with the Microsoft Windows ME Edition. Because I have an out-dated website layout, the Posting Editor was behaving irregularly, i.e. not all the components are available, can’t highlight individual words to change font size, no way to indent a line, etc. I tried to remedy the situation and just screwed up the site even more. I’ve been emailing the host back and forth since last night and hopefully I’ll have the site back on-line tomorrow. I’m sorry if it freaked you out. I originally posted an explanation on-line last night that the site was under construction, but it looked so bad with Size 40 Font, 3 line titles so I just took it off-line after sending a support ticket to the host. We’ve been going back and forth on this all day. Blech! Thanks for coming by Stacey. I hope everything is going well for you! I’ll be by soon..:)

  6. I am out of touch here relative to these Congressional hearings. Are we talking about Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana, the putz who went to Iraq with John McCain, a politician supported by Rush Limbaugh, a congressman who stood up in congress and gave a speech all about Garfield the Cat?

    Anyway, a fine rant that will find it’s way to FFTR, dear lady, and it is terrific that you are working again on a jerry-rigged computer.


    Yes, I’m talking about that Mike Pence, Glenn, the putz who had the nerve to call the testimony of Prof. Stephen Presser and Prof. Jeremy Rabkin as “true scholarship.” Mind you, both these profcessors were trying to convince the committee members that they didn’t see anything ShrubCo has done since the beginning of his reign that rises to the level of impeachment. Profcessor Rabkin was of the histrionic personality, gesticulating, doing arm hula all over the place, calling Americans “crazy people”; the country has been divided for quite a long time, people overwrought and bitter” and, when referring to our war dead, “..and a lot of people died. Sorry.”

    Rep. Lamar ‘Smug Sith’ Smith, obviously, totally, 1-billion-percent-against-impeachment had the peanuts (balls) to ask the panel, “Why are people so bitter?”

    PLUSES: As always, presidential candidate former Rep. Bob Barr, went to bat for Americans decrying warrantless wiretapping et al., and BLESS HIS HEART Rep. Steven? Cohen referred to 2nd-in-command V(I)P(ER) as “the barnacle attached to the Legislative Branch.” The Barnacle. Isn’t that rich?! *hysterical laughter*

    And this, from Rep. Mel Watts: “If AG Ashcroft, then the next one, AG Gonzales, and then the next AG MuCasket are protecting US against terrierism – who is protecting us against THEM (Ashcan, Bozozales, MuCasket)?” I think he nailed it on the head, dontchoo?

  7. Oh, after some quick research I realize you are talking about the proposed impeachment of Bush & Cheney. They did lie to Congress, of course, and maybe that would stick. And they created door kicking secret police tactics for Homeland Security like something out of Big Brother. And they are murdering thousand of young people in the name of profit, greed, and petroleum. And they still run Getmo like the Gestapo. And gas is still over 4 bucks. I see the barking as a sham, unfortunately, just going through the motions. Hell, congress wanted to impeach Clinton for a BJ. They have quite a track record.


    Yeah, Glenn, they’re the Congress-of Eunuchs-at-Your-Service, Americans! Here’s our little ditty, mores a pity! We will slice & dice your rights, break your doors down in the night, putcha in the hokey pokey hole, where you’ll rot away your life as moles. Now how’s that for high quality of life! Blech. To the stockades for the whole lot of them, I say!

    [off on some pirate ship looking for ye olde new aristocratic elites, Surly Girly Manchops spews]

    Ahoy! Matey! Ahoy!
    O, yes, they’s be Barnaclebottoms
    not top side, O no Knots!
    They’s be on the bottom!
    Cuz that’s where they rot ’em
    And that’s where we’s got ’em!
    They’s an arse, they’s an A ‘ole –
    They’s senseless as MacGregor’s manpole-
    If I weren’t such a lady, Knots
    I’d file me teeth and bite they’s bottoms!

    [ahem, cough, cough]

  8. Hi Janet,
    aww you don’t need to appologise, I was just wondering if something was wrong or if you had closed it, so I am glad to hear that its not closed, though I am sorry to hear that you have been having so many problems with it, but from what I see of your above post, no computer problems wil get in our Janets way of creating a great post.
    I hope that your well and looking after yourself, and remember do not get stressed… ;-D

    Stacey *wave* I think I have it under control now. ;> Don’t forget to vote on my new poll in the left side column, ok? :)

  9. Wouldn’t it be grand if Bush and Cheney had to be held accountable for their actions? You bark away, girl, and growl, and bitch and pitch a fit if you like. If more of us did that perhaps the powers that be would pay some attention. Your poem looks grand right in the middle of Iraq War poetry on FFTR.


  10. Hi Janet
    Re: M.Savage, couldn’t help myself, have a look at my new post ;-D

    Hope your well…take care :-)

    Hi Stacey
    Re: M. Savage, couldn’t help myself, have a look at my new post, ;>
    Gave it a boost..:)

  11. If you get a mo, click over to my site and check out the ART OF WAR, the collected images of Artists Against the War. I also have posted dozens of anti-war poems, my favorites being by Brian Turner. You just continue to inspire us, lady, and we will bask in your rants, and applaud the songs in your heart.



  12. wielding a political sword, i would not have ecpected it.

  13. i meant to say:

    wielding a political sword. i would not have expected it.

    [mutters to herself,

    thank gawd they don’t know who I really am…


  14. Now that’s what I call poecriticism! Cheers!

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