Posted by: janetleigh | October 3, 2008

Hi – Haiku 4 U

Life fades or fires bright-
my love you are the candle
sentry me my night.


Photo by mikes&mugs on Flickr

**My dear, dear cyberfriends and readers, thank you so, so much for all the love and caring I feel coming my way from all of you.  My mind is not in the best place for esoteric and ethereal undertakings, spending much time on mundane, necessary tasks and travel.   However, my heart clings to Poetmeister like a life raft, so I visit often but just don’t have the mental acuity to address each and every soothing comment, my mind freezes like I’m on audition for a part, so I’m taking this moment to let you all know I’m alive and getting by.  I hope to be back before too much longer.  I miss you all.  I feel your love & caring very much and all in my heart.


  1. My dear Janet,
    Wishing that all the “gray clouds” lifts from your mind and soul and you find your way back to what nurtures you in more ways than one.

  2. well i aor one am just glad to hear from you…. been on a bit of a soul search myself… but we always know we can come here and meet again… take care,, be well,, we will be here……

  3. beautiful…

  4. Hi Janet. Good to hear from you. And what a beautiful haiku.

  5. You say your mind is not up to “esoteric and ethereal undertakings” and yet you have crafted an exquisite haiku.

    Loved the 3rd line.

    sentry me my night.

    WOW. I would have said ‘Night be my sentry’ or something prosaic like that. “Sentry me my night”. How beautifully crafted.

    Take care, Janet. Hope things tide by soon and you are back – renewed with energy and full of pluck and fortitude as always.

  6. Sending you thoughts of Strength and wellness. Take care of yourself.

  7. A beautiful voice came from out of the haze,
    in the night, or early morn–and behold, we recognize those tones as fellow poet, Janet.

    Yes, your haiku was wonderful. I, too, love that third line–and the notion that love, the cosmic glue that holds the entirity of the universe together, as well as our bodies and souls and hearts, is burning bright like a candle, and that it would be temporal, it will burn out to the incarnate eye, and transfer to places unseen–yes, that is sweet and deep and loving too.

    Thanks for surfacing for a moment. You were down under a long time. It did not seem possible for a person, a poet, to hold her creative breath for so long, without expelling more poetry. As has been stated, your cyberfriends are loyal, steadfast, and true–and missing you. The sun will rise within you before long, the sun of Fall, brilliant in its hues, and it will splash these pages of blog with a radiance not seen before. I can’t wait.


    I hold your words close to my heart, balm for a hurting heart.. I hear your call for action.. soon, Glenn, soon.. I shall return!

  8. Sadness Squared

    I felt it early this morning:
    Death swirls around me
    at this moment.

    We had to put our 15 year old Taffy down
    last night,
    she of the cocker ears and shelty coat,
    she of the beautiful face
    and adoring eyes,
    she who had become lame
    and deaf and disease-ridden,
    she who needed to take the long nap,
    to awaken somewhere warm,
    somewhere without pain,
    full of brightness
    and cheerful sounds of children,
    of other dogs,
    of birds.

    We held her head
    as she drifted off
    to eternity,
    and placed it gently on the floor.

    She never made a sound,
    not even a whimper.
    Somehow she knew it was her time.
    God bless the animals who love us

    Glenn Buttkus October 9, 2008

  9. Thank you, one & all, my dear cyberfriends, for your best wishes and caring thoughts left here for me. I wish I had the luxury of visiting and leaving comments to everyone but I’m just burned out, to tell you the truth. It took me several hours just to write a response to Glenn’s poem-post in honor of his dearly beloved furkid, Taffy, who passed away several days ago and I just read about it tonight. I found myself weeping about Taffy, the loss Glenn and his family must be feeling right now, plus projecting feelings about my own furkids into the scenario. It’s hard to describe how the loss of a loved one or a pet can be like a heavy wet blanket laid over your shoulders, putting your mind in a totally different place, where the loved one is really just a nanosecond thought away. We spent the whole day at Mary Lynne’s today sorting through her things and deciding what goes where. It’s a long process and we’re exhausted after about 4 hours into the day. Left here at 9AM and didn’t get back here until 7PM. Plus almost 4 hours driving. Ack! We can only do this on weekends, and so we bring alot of stuff home with us to work on during the week. She has more paperwork, records, articles, geneology and whatnot than the Library of Congress, I swear!

    I think about everyone and hope you’re all doing well and trying to keep your spirits up despite the financial meltdown we’re all freakin’ out about! Unbelievable! As if we all needed something else to worry about, right?

    Take care, my dears! I shall return!

    Love, Janet Leigh

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