Posted by: janetleigh | October 12, 2008

Glenn’s furkid Taffy – may she rest in peace


Almighty power-
Restores Taffy’s perfection
for eternity.

She – hears – sad tears cried
Knows hole left in many hearts-
Feels outpouring love.

Sends down wet air-licks,
Apply daily, over here
tickle Glenn’s best ear.

No hurt here, Dad-Mom
just endless joy, love, head rubs-
Reminders of you!

I’m here to greet you
Later – God’s perfect time -will
remain at your side.

Don’t grieve much, Daddy
I haven’t died – just napping
on the other side

Will lie in peace here
dreaming doggie-dreams until
you come home to me!

I’m so sorry to hear that your furkid, Taffy, has left your side for the Other Side, Glenn. I know this has got to be so sad for you; makes my eyes well up for you, and for me, I guess, as the thought of losing my furkids is a thought not easily endeavored. It’s just so hard to put into words all the emotions a pet can touch in your heart or all the snapshot moments shared with then. But, I think it’s fair to say that Taffy is now running painless and in perfect health through God’s gorgeous golden fields with other furkinds and maybe even tripping the Light fantastic. Of course, you’ll be in her presence again to resume the loving relationship you had with her in this realm. I can’t believe how sensitive I am to death finality right now and can hardly see to type through my weeping eyes. I know it probably sounds horrible but I think sometimes people will fall apart and grieve more for their pets than members of their own families. Yes, I know. My bad. But then, I’m rambling right now. We spent the whole day at Mary Lynne’s bagging things up and sorting what goes where. But that’s another story. I just want you to know that my heart goes out to you and your wife and family over the lose of Taffy. It sounds like she was a real treasure and a joy to behold by your lovely poem, Glenn. You’re in my thoughts.. {{hugs}}


  1. Glad to see you back! Can I say I love the term “furkids” that’s exactly what they are.

    And I thought this was so touching.

    I especially liked,

    “Don’t grieve much, Daddy
    I haven’t died – just napping
    on the other side”

  2. This makes me teary-eyed. Especially the stanza quoted by White Rose. (sniff) It’s an anchor of comfort. It reminds me of all the times I’ve lost a ‘furkid’ myself. (And I’ve raised several dozens since I was young, up till now.) It also reminds me of all the times I’ve loved them, for my lifetime, not just theirs.

  3. Janet, dear lady—thank you so much for your wonderful poem. I have posted it and passed it on to family and friends. Your tears added to the mix seem to give me a sense of closure and comfort. It seems to be true that the death of our pets hit us harder than we ever expect. We steel ourselves up, usually, for the death of our parents, spouses, friends–but when the pet that has given such unconditional love for so many years passes on, it thumps us in the heart like a bludgeon, and our guard is down, and the tears flow. It also seems to be true that we write our best poems when our hearts are touched or wounded, with joy or sorrow. It is good to see you come out of your sabbatical and to have put in so much time and thought to your wonderful tribute to Taffy, and your testament to fellowship; the fellowship of poets and people.


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