Posted by: janetleigh | October 14, 2008

Death finds us, unwilling

Glenn’s furkid Taffy – may she rest in peace – continued:

Your furkids’ passing
put the fear of God in me
mine will pass on, too!

Thought tore itself up
from bowels through heart to head-
May they bypass death!

Life-end makes precious
living full with passions ON-
Then screech to fast halt.

When our light goes out
we rise to eternal life-
Where nothing is – but Light.

Today, I made time for a 15-minute break to stop in here and found myself reading what I wrote you yesterday, Glenn, and my own words just opened up a dread that unleashed a ton of tears. I didn’t let that stop me though and just went to work on expressing what I felt. The above popped out over a 30-minute bawl for your and my furbabies. Our little man, that’s what we call Rascal, is 8 years old, and my little tweety-peety-piety-pootie Tess, that’s what I say to her when it’s just the two of us cooing, is 5 years old. And Glenn, I don’t want them to die. There, now I’ve said it. [Having said it, my eyes are welling up again to cry, damn!] Everything you wrote is true. I can only imagine how you’re feeling right now, it has to be terrible, but I think it’s fair to say I’m having some real sympathy pains here. [OH! a little fawn just passed my window! We had a whole slew of bambi-babies this year – the one I just saw still has its spots.] I’ll be away for a few days but you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers; as will all my dear fellow poets..:)


Contessa ChiChi


  1. Another wonderful and welcome surprise to have you “stop by” and let out some more poetic emotions. Let those tears flow, girl–for through laughter and tears, love and grief, we celebrate our humanness and our humanity–we who hate war and war mongers, who love spring, foxes, mountains, fresh tomatoes, beaches at the ocean, kelp cologne–we who are stunned often and stung often with the enormity of the truth.


  2. “If dogs do not go to heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”
    –Will Rogers

    That was the caption on a pet sympathy card we received. I love it.


    Glenn, that’s exactly how I feel, too! I hope each day is getting better for you regarding the loss of your faithful furkid, Glenn.. {{{hug}}}

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