Posted by: janetleigh | October 27, 2008


There’s nothing hallowed
about this day,
druidism is your Way?
more’s the wayward mind,
wide-eyed drunk,
shriveled and shrunken
talking heads,
like an olive on a tooth pick,
on wrought iron

Cats gutted & strung up
for the fun of it,
mores lost
to treatful days
long past-
a loaded bag
up on granma’s porch-
a trick
too common
to make a stink

By today’s standards
it’s no teen with a match
sans malice-
it’s your 7 year old
stealing daddy’s torch
with a bead on
your head!

What used to be good
old-fashioned mischief
has turned evil eye-
now life imitates art.

Mom says
“don’t let your imagination
run wild with you tonight,
my little precioussssezzzes,

run amok
out of control”


isn’t it just like man
to kill-
when a boo will do?



  1. sometimes i am leary of anything that “man” has touched….

    so nice to hear from you….

    It’s so nice to see you stop in, too, Paisley..{hugs} and I chuckled when I read your comment..we be simpaticos, no? lol

  2. i like poetry when it has a point–glad to see you back :)

    Thanks so much for stopping in, Scot! I’m trying hard to get some time in here.. you just wouldn’t believe the details. I’m just so tired. I’ll be over to see you soon..:)

  3. Actually, the Day of the Dead in Latin countries, where the dead can visit with their loved ones for 24 hours is kind of hallowed, and well believed in. The history of Halloween is fascinating. It was called All Saints Eve, and All Hallows Eve, and then Hallowmass, and in those halcyon days, it was quite hallowed.

    I like the line:
    shriveled and shrunken/talking heads/spiked/like an onion on a toothpick/on wrought iron/will.
    ….lots of change ups and symbol shuffling there; makes us have to think and probe.
    mores lost/to treatful days/long past
    ….yup, the Halloweens of our youth, almost innocent, with homemade, handmade costumes, and Safeway paper sacks, with our parents lurking in the shadows, anxious to split the candy with us later….that innocence seems faded, fuzzy, nearly lost. I still get angry when older children, teen agers come to the door without costumes, bang on the door, and expect tribute.
    what used to be good/old fashioned mischief/has turned “evil eye”/now life imitates art
    …..sad to look back, to miss the fun, to witness the cruelty of many who prowl the night on this Eve, like the whole temperment of children has been changed, corrupted, twisted, made unimaginably ugly from media blitzes, from violent grapics, cartoons, CGI, movies, gang wars, porno….it’s all out there for those young impressionable minds.
    Isn’t it just like man/to kill/when a boo will do?
    Amen, sister. Perhaps if Obama wins this election, a good man will be commander in chief, and some of the killing for profit, killing for oil, will cease.


    I’ll be back to comment, Glenn.. <8-)

  4. Janet is at the helm, where she belongs! I loved the beautiful heartfelt tribute to Jennifer Hudson, in her time of need, and this Hallowmass poem is fantastic. Halloween can be a very sad and cruel evening, and it is grand that you are here to remind us that it is for the children, and that our adult morals and attitudes have no place there.
    I will be proud to post this poem on my site to expand your fan base, dear lady; and I will read it more carefully, and give my responses too. As Paisley said,”It’s so nice to hear from you.”


    Hi, my dear friend, Glenn! Thank you for your very kind words about the little Jennifer Hudson haiku. I’m just so saddened that her little nephew was murdered as well. What a horrific thing for such a young child; I hope it was instantaneous for him. The thought of him being in extreme pain from being shot just nearly undoes me. I’ve seen the agony of gunshot wounds, electrical burns and scalding on the faces/psyches of children – and it can break your heart. And thanks also for wanting to post my Halloweaned poem up on your blog. It just thrills me to death!

    I’m trying to get back online more and more, but even now I feel like I need to keep comments shorter than I like, just so I can comment on more of them, I have so many.. And I love you all, of course!

  5. I still love Halloween. I love getting dressed up and I love seeing the kids in costumes, but all this money on costumes. I think they have lost some of the fun of the season. Part of the excitement was making your own costume.

    I do think it has taken on a darker note,
    we have a black cat and make sure he does not get out this time of year.

    Glad to see you back!

    Hi, White Rose! It’s so nice to see you again, too..:) My son’s an adult now so I don’t do Halloween anymore because there’s no kids that have ever stopped in..we live pretty far back in the holler..heh heh. But, yes..I remember the “making of the costumes” although it wasn’t me who made them! My son made most of his own and boy did he come up with some great ones. One that sticks out in my mind is the Madrigal costume he made one year while he was in middle school, I think. It was expensive but so well done – it could have been a museum piece. My son, Josh, was in the madrigal choir so the costume became dual purpose, I should add. Also, my blog avatar was taken on Halloween when Josh was still a pup.. Have a safe one this year, White Rose!

  6. Well, Halloween came in strong here in the Pacific Northwest. Our grandson, Ethan, age 2,went out as Yoda, and our grandson, Austin, age 9 months, went out as a Shrek baby. I stole some of their candy when they returned. They did not seem to mind.

    Hey, Janet, thanks to your suggesting i enter the War poetry contest over on WINNING WRITERS. I am a finalist, and they will publish my poem, ON PATROL. I sent you a copy of the new page it will be included on.


    Sounds like you had a fairly entertaining ‘Ween this year, Glenn, and the grandkiddies costumes rock! We call my little chihuahua, Tess “Yoda” sometimes when she gives us “that” look; looks just like Yoda.

    And Glenn – I’m thrilled beyond words that you entered the War poetry contest and came up a FINALIST!! I just knew WINNING WRITERS would love< your work, Glenn. I'm soo happy for you!! [But… I didn't get the page it will be included on…?]

  7. Hey Janet. I’m back – and I’ll be back. Please visit me. My blog is flowing well.

    Hey backatchoo 2, Scott! Been on a hiatus, as well? Mine hasn’t been that pleasant, so I hope your time away has been a good one. I’ll be stopping by anon, promise! I really like your blog so I’m looking forward to it. Glad you got it winterized.

  8. Scaring extends life, isn’t it? The more we are scared, the more the survival instincts kick in. Nice to have you back and having the write stuff! :)

    Hellooo, Tom, and thanks for stopping in again. It’s so nice to see I haven’t been forsaken! I’m trying to make a come-back.. we’ll just have to see.. I hope you’ve been doing okay and enjoying life.. I’m exhausted, but I’ll drop by soon, my dear friend!

  9. Hi Janet! Its been a while. Your poem’s message was important and disturbing. I really hope we get it under control soon – the evil and the criminality. I want to end it!

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