Posted by: janetleigh | November 10, 2008

Haiku 4 U Antioch! – And a High 5, 2! ;>


Competing voices
Tolosa concerts excel-
winner – Antioch!




  1. No explication here, just the fine Haiku. Remind us–your son has something to do with the Antioch Chamber Ensemble, correct? nice shot of St. Juan’s church in Arrasate. Woody Allen filmed his last movie there I think.


    Howdy, Glenn! I see you haven’t forsaken me either, and I’m grateful for it, too..:) I’m really dragging and finding it hard to keep up. A number of times I’ve come close to throwing the towel in. These past few months have been very draining, especially for the 10 days Josh was out of country. I get nervous for Americans overseas because we’ve grown out of favor with so many countries.

    Thank you for your kind take on my haiku, Glenn. It really doesn’t do Antioch any justice, but it will have to do, I’m afraid. Singing an aria in praise of Antioch’s accomplishments would just merely kill them all off..coming from me. I’m a very proud Mom right now, Glenn. Antioch is the chamber ensemble my son, Josh, and 3 of his close friends formed/founded while they were students at Westminister Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey. Josh is Antioch’s artistic and music director. I’m really proud of these kids; all very nice, polite, talented, and witty. Anyway, they basically won the competition having scored the highest numbers but they couldn’t claim the prize of going on to the Grand Prix next year because it’s only open to the highest scoring “amateur” vocal group. Antioch is a professional group. Nevertheless, they are thrilled for having won the contest. Thank you for asking after them, Glenn.

    BTW, I wasn’t aware that St. Juan’s church in Arrasate was included in Woody Allen’s last movie! What was the name of the film? I haven’t kept up with Allen’s work for a number of years, I’m embarrassed to say. I used to love him until his personal life got weird and out of control. Sometimes genius behaves in inappropriate ways..

    I hope you’re doing fine. I love hearing about your forays with the grandkids, and the Halloween costumes sound precious..!

  2. Ah, haiku – that underappreciated poetic wonder of a form. I love using haiku to mark and remember important moments in my life. Thank you for this post.

    Thank you for stopping in and telling me you like/do haiku yourself. I am enjoying your work, Bryan..:)

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