Posted by: janetleigh | December 5, 2008

Tethered Love


Feel unbelief she’s gone-
physically she flew off
into the upper reaches of heaven,
ever-loving spirit visions
weaving in and out
of our days.



  1. i am amazed sometimes how much closer i feel to the love i lost than to the friends and family i still have here with me…

    so good to hear from you girl… hoping all is well in your little corner of the world…

    Hello my dear Paisley! I’m so grateful you’re still stopping by to see if my blog’s still viable..;> I hope you’ve been well and had a nice Thanksgiving. Even though Thanksgiving was not the same this year without Mary Lynne, one of her best friends invited Scott & I to their home for Thanksgiving, which was just a wonderful family gathering, and we all were so involved in conversation, taking part in the scrumptious feast, that no one really had a chance to withdraw or get weepy, which I’m sure Scott & I would have ended up doing if we had been at home. We didn’t have the energy to do a Thanksgiving dinner, so the invitation was a blessing! We are still involved in clearing out Mary Lynne’s large apartment and trying to find good homes for all the things we can not use or keep for ourselves. We had no idea the process of grieving, plus inheriting ML’s estate would be so time-consuming and energy-sapping. However, we know how blessed we are, and how our simple life in the country really suits us both, except now we have all these beautifully-taken-care-of antiques, thick, real oriental rugs :) and so much more. But, the most important thing is we have each other and our health is holding up – so far. Sorry to be so long in answer, but it’s just flowing out from somewhere. I haven’t written much lately and can’t wait to get back to daily use of this blog.. Please come back again, Paisley. I’ve missed everyone and will get by to your blog as soon as time permits. Love ya!

  2. Hi Janet, love you blog and your about me… sentiments exactly. What a beautiful image, it’s reminiscent of places I like to go to cheer up.
    Cheers for now
    Mal :)

  3. hang in there…everyone misses you too, we will be here when you are ready…

    Thank you my good friend! I’m hanging in there.. Thanks be to God. He is my Rock and Refuge. I hope you are doing great and enjoying the holiday season. My best to you and your family during the holiday season!

  4. Your tasks seem like the tasks of Hercules, my goodness. I, also, want to let you know there are those of us, your friends and fans that keep checking this blog site for every peep from the Leigh bird. Your poem is lovely, and it will find its way to FFTR, of course, to be shared with even more folks. Nice to hear that you and Scott were invited to join another family for Thanksgiving. It must be daunting to be confronted by every possession a person amasses in their lifetime. I guess you could have had an Estate Sale, but the way you two are handling it seems more personal and appropriate. Nice to hear from you, and looking forward to more dialogue.


    Glenn, thanks so much for your palpable support and encouragement..:) I’m getting back here more often even though I’m very seriously busy.. I think of it as a good sign. The heaviness I’ve been feeling for months is lifting somewhat. It’s already freed me up to consider doing some baking next week..:) When there’s no pressure, the desire to do something manages to kick in. I hope you’re doing great, too, as well as your family and wish you all a peaceful Christmas surrounded by family and friends.

  5. Glad to see you back :). (hugs). I hope you feel your joyful self soon. Until then hang in, hunker down, believe in strength and Have a healing holiday season.

    Mysoul, hugs backatcha, sweetie! Thanks so much for your encouraging words, mysoul! I AM getting a jump-start on my joyful self, I’m glad to report. We had a quiet, but spiritually satisfying Christmas, especially when it comes to the reason for the season. I shall be visiting you soon, so keep the coffee hot! k?

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog site and leaving such heartfelt comments. If you were any deeper you’d be a trench in the ocean. Normally my family flies to Texas for the holidays, but for the first time in over 10 years, we are staying home and enjoying the kids and grandkids. Our trees is blinking brightly, and I reciprocate your cheer for the season!


    I can truly spend hours on your blog site, my dear Glenn. It’s like an encyclopedia full of information -only tons more fun to read and look at, sir! I love that you’re putting up so much of Alexie’s poetry. He is a very rare diamond in a sea of gems. I’m fascinated by him, thanks to you! It’s as though the depth and breadth of his talent has no limit. Your’s is one of the most interesting eclectic of all the blogs I know of, Glenn. I’ll be by again before you know it – keep the coffee on!

  7. Hello I still pop in here too, glad you are ok. I am not doing much for christmas either, trying to blog/write/thinkonpaper again :) Trying to accept changes in life :( I use the wild and feral site now the other one got dumped one dark night :)) take care of you xx

    Hi again, Mermaid! So glad to learn you’re back to blogging again, and I’ll certainly be by Wild & Feral again soon. It sounds like you’ve been through some life changes, too. I sincerely hope things are starting to settle down for you, as well..:) Wishing this New Year is one you will look back on and break out into a smile, same time next year..

  8. ps I like the words above as well.

    Thank you so much, mermaid! Gosh, how’re you doing? I haven’t seen you in a while – and I hope you know why I’ve been pretty scarce over the last 5 months due to the death of a very close family member. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things, so please have patience with me; I’ll be by soon..! Wishing you a very healthy and Happy New Year, too!

  9. Hello Janet, this was just beautiful. Hope you are better and may this Christmas season fill you with love, peace and joy. *HUG*

    Hello, sweet angel, and Happy belated Christmas greetings, Amanda! I think we managed Christmas fairly well this year, all things considered. We sorely missed not having our sweet Mary Lynne with us this year but she is still with us spiritually, I believe. She certainly has been in most of our conversations this week! She usually stayed with us for several weeks which really kept the reason for the season strong throughout her visit, but this year, well, it’s been hard to extend the joy beyond the days immediately before and a few days after the 25th. I sure hope you have the best and very very Happy New Year, Amanda! {{{hugs}}}

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