Posted by: janetleigh | December 18, 2008

Obama and his bad self a.k.a. Doobie Dog

Photo courtesy of DRUDGE Report

Obama Lama-
mere man out of which many
create their new God.

Obama Lama-
mere man out of many which
creates their new God.


  1. Oh wow… what a photograph! Love your haiku once again!

    Thank you so much for stopping in, Bryan. Welcome! I’m enjoying your poetry as well..:)

  2. never trust a man who doesn’t drink and has never “inhaled”!!!!!!!

    LOL, good one, Paisley! Happy Holidayz, grrl..;>

  3. Outrageous, per usual, dear lady. Your haiku, with its repeating theme is “hopeful” I assume. Barrack is a mere man, with a 124 IQ and a heart as big as Montana. So supporter or not, this will be an Obama-nation for at least 4 more years. I still fear for his safety though. Nice to see your popping back for a few ticks.


    Hi, dear.. “outrageous” you tink, Glenn? “Outrageous” adoration, yes. I’m always concerned about the level to which people put their trust in mere men who never fail to disappoint. Remember how popular Bush was at the beginning? Did he keep his campaign promises? Did he stay true to form? LOL. I’m just the turd in the punch bowl, Glenn..doing my civic duty..playing devil’s advocate. Someone has to tether the high-hopes of those who think this man, this smooth-talker, this promise-keeper will be all that he should be. He ain’t, he can’t, and he won’t. Go ahead and tell me I’m wearing my Cruel Shoes…Don’t take my cautious reservations about Obama personally, I know you’re a faithful supporter and I didn’t write this to hurt your or anyone’s feelings. I sincerely hope he will not disappoint you and cause you to abandon him sometime in the future. I had my reservations with Bush’s ability to carry out the People’s mandate, and he didn’t fail to disappoint me. I’m just cynical about the ability to change a System that’s been in place for decades. But I did like the recent bare-chested photo of Obama..;>

    Oh, and Glenn, I don’t put much stock in IQ scores; mine is higher than Obama’s but you don’t see me running for prezident now, do you? *snort*

  4. Enjoyed the word Play :)…

    “Change” is good reason
    For a man on God’s Pedestal
    How easy to Fall.

    I have never met the man in Person to know what kind of a person he is but the look in his eyes says hes a much better man that the man we saw in the White House these 8 years. Lets hope for the best.

    Yup, and that’s my point, my dear mysoul. So good to see you, btw..:) As I wrote to Glenn above, Bush was extremely popular before and just after taking the presidency, then he started “ruling” and setting policies no American had signed on to, many waiting for his head to spin around spewing green vomit, remember? [Where’s an exorcist when you need one?] I just personally don’t think Obama is going to deliver policies in the interest of the People either. Elitists take care of each other. We are serfs as far as the elites are concerned. We are the “little people” (according to Therese Heinz-Kerry, remember?) The elite are the cerebral giants in the world who need to take care of the little people, we little elfs, serfs, and human beans..;> LOL

    You know, I haven’t fallen for an illusion since working in community theatre. And Glenn should know this, too, btw, having been an actor and a movie reviewer. Part of the glamour, mystery and airs in celebrities are often spun on illusion – but believe me, they all phart like us “little people”. Clinton used the expertise of image-spinners in Hollywood to a certain extent in creating his image and face to the world. As did Reagan. Obama has had the same kind of training. He’s been groomed as an orator, and he’s dern good at it. He can also be the quintessential mesmerizer, too. I guess my psychic powers include seeing right through BS and pretense of certain individuals. I’ve also been blessed with being able to pick up on affectations and contrived mannerisms in others. [Probably because I have so many of my own. heh heh. I’m quite animated and have been called Tallulah Bankhead since I was about 5 years of age. :-D I personally like Obama, but I see right through him..;>

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