Posted by: janetleigh | January 12, 2009

Lowku du jour


Photo by Articulate Matter


Me be bloomin’ word
play again to stay in game-
bloggin’ me arse off!



  1. looks like the child of that pin head guy from hellraiser……

    *hysterical laughter* I have no idea what you’re talking about but it is funny nonetheless! Why? Because I *love* the word “pinhead” – reminds me of that comic/cartoon character, Paisley..

  2. Instead of light bulbs forming over his head, this creative tyke is sprouting ideas like willows, prepping for tremendous wordsmithing to come; and you will be the earth mother, birthing the prose and poetry we all are waiting for, craving, needing, as you “blog your arse off”. It is lovely to know you are there, and the mind is active.


    Oh, how I wish it were true that I am “prepping for tremendous wordsmithing to come”.. but I have my fingers crossed! And I’m sorry if I offended anyone with the last line – but it just popped into my mind and I’m sticking to it! So good to see you, Glenn! I’ll be by soonish, promise.. :)

  3. Might I suggest for your tombstone, should the need arise (and I hope it does not anytime soon):

    “she blogged her arse off”


    *laughing*.. that’s pretty funny, Bryan. And I’m with you on there being no hurry to get this little stone etching project going on here.. any time too soon. Thanks for stopping in, Bryan. I’ll be stopping in to your great blog soonish, 2! *wave*

  4. So nice.

    Thank you, David *wave* and also for dropping in. I’ve got to get back to your blog as well. You got some really interesting stuff up and I love your haikus, too. Please come back!

  5. I’m back!! Hope all is well. Look for me here and there.

    Excellent, Scott! So good to see you, too! {{{hug}}} I’ll be over to see you shortly. Hope you and yours are doing well, Scott..:)

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