Posted by: janetleigh | January 28, 2009

Tout est possible..

friendship_karine_dochemedPhoto by Karine Doche


Childrens’ hearts are open-
oblivious to country’s
appetite for hate.


Hate does not enter
the picture – no – it’s spoonfed;
is an acquired taste.


Friendship can exist-
where middle ground can be found
coming from all sides.


  1. Hate does not enter
    the picture – no – it’s spoonfed;
    is an acquired taste.

    this is brilliant!!!!!

    Paisley, you are much too kind! But I’m genuinely pleased that this worked for you. I respect your views & critical analysis, especially when it jives with mine… ;> heh heh I’m sending you an air bouquet, lovey. :)

  2. Let the children lead the way, black and white, Jew and Arab, red and white, yellow and white, and polka dot too. I love where you head was when you wrote this. It is Romeo and Juliet all over again, segueing into WEST SIDE STORY. It is love that rules, not hate, in the final analysis; or like the Beatles sang, “And in the end, the love your take is equal to the love you make.” Or as my daughters told me, “If you want more hugs, be more huggable.”


    You express it so much more eloquently than I ever could, dear Glenn. So I’m feeling pretty good that you are in agreement with me on the premise of this haiku set. You, too, are much to kind, but I’ll take all the compliments you throw my way; they always make me feel so good inside. {{{hug}}}

  3. beautiful photo. i must tell you that the biggest problem of this land, or rather, of those people is that they never meet. that is all. when they do (and that i have seen) away from camera, poleticians and religoius phantics they dance and rejoice, as they are brothers. as in every family the fight can also be stronger and the bitterness last longer, but when rejoining there is no bigger joy.
    Glenn – this last sentace is briliant, should bemad eon sticker and hand everywhere

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