Posted by: janetleigh | February 1, 2009

Rafa Nadal – wins 2009 Australian Open!

Rafa & Our Lucky 7


My lucky number-
plus total Grand Slam finals
between 2 ballers.

Only one can win-
Nineteen matches played, Rafa
won last five meetings.

Who’s better player
determined last year – Rafa!
Holds Number One spot.

Mentally solid,
Two 5-setters in a row,
one day off to rest.

Mind keen and focused
physically primed to win-
does not disappoint.

Herculean feat-
dahlink Rafa pulls it off!
Proves to be The Best.

First since Agassi,
wins on all 3 surfaces-
clay, grass and hardcourt.

Rafa – first Spaniard
to win first Aussie Open-
Nadal aces All.



  1. well, my hear is with F. but very nice, i don’t think i have seen any sport poems around here…

    Thank you, utopianfragments. I’m also a Fed fan but Rafa has defintely won my heart with his humility and graciousness under the lights. I was shocked when Fed lost control and couldn’t stop crying. I never expected that from him. I guess he really thought he was going to win the match and was shocked when he didn’t. What Rafa did was truly kin to superhuman. He has really earned the #1 spot. I know Fed will recover from this disappointment and will surpass Sampras in the near future. Thanks again for stopping in..:)

  2. Yes, a sports poem is definitely not something we can bump into every day. Leave it to you to ace the creative world with a zinger. I know zip about tennis, even less about professional tennis, but it seems to have got your motor running, and we all love it when you crank your poetry into high gear. More, more, they cried, never getting enough of the much missed Janetspeak.


    Com’ere you big hunk! {{{hugs}}} You are so good for an ever-inflating ego, kiddo, and I wish every one around me would be hanging on my every word, Glenn. Around here, I’m just Miz Verbosity, thee olde phart. heh heh Actually, I swiped this poem from Contessa ChiChi’s blog, my alter-ego. I didn’t think she’d mind. But then again, who knows? I may be her next target *rolling eyes* By the way, I made a quick foray into your blog and you’ve put some more great poems up, Glenn. I can’t get enough of your blog, but I can’t wrest myself away sometimes – to my detriment. sigh. But don’t let that stop you. {{{hugs}}}

    Oooh, and Glenn, what Rafa did the other night was truly almost superhuman. He had just played the semi-final against Nando Verdasco on Friday, a match that went 5 sets and took 5 hours 14 minutes to play! He had less than 48 hours before the final with Roger Federer. Their’s was also a 5-setter that was almost 4 and 1/2 hours! That’s almost 10 hours of intense physical output with very little recuperative time between the 2 matches. Even Federer broke physically in the 5th set [after several day’s rest!] where he was just spazzing out everywhere. Rafa is only 22 years old, has now won his 6th major crown, has won the past 4 French Opens on clay, finally triumphed on grass at Wimbledom last year in a match against Federer that is considered the greatest match every played which also had Rafa overtake Federer as the World’s #1 tennis player! [Even McEnroe was in tears trying to speak to Rafa in the locker room after the match, for pete’s sake!] However, I think the match between Rafa and Verdasco will also go down as one of the best played. Rafa’s also the first man since Agassi in 1999 to win grand slams on all surfaces and at the same time denying Federer the chance to equal Pete Sampras’ 14 grand slam titles, something Federer has been wanting very, very badly, to the point where he broke down crying after he lost to Rafa. Federer was bitterly disappointed and also managed to steal Rafa’s thunder at the winner’s ceremony. But in Rafa’s humility and being forever the gentleman, he put his arm around Fed and comforted him while they were on stage. He is a class act. Rafa is what I call The Quintessential Sportsman, a true role model for our youth.

    Rafa is the first Spaniard – male or female – to win a title in Melbourne. Wow. I didn’t mean to rattle on this long, but I felt I needed to further explain the “why a sport’s poem” from me…:)

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