Posted by: janetleigh | March 7, 2009

Today’s a good day for the Teflon Kid!


I nearly died, right?
Can’t live on love alone, Dad-
so what’s for dinner?





  1. Oh Rascal, you look like you are back at it, wagging, wiggling, begging, and loving. What a pooch. I thought only cats had nine lives. You have used up a half dozen already by my count. My your canine days be many, and you kisses enjoyed by your wonderful Mom and Dad. You are quickly becoming the million dollar dog; not that you aren’t worth every dime of course.


    Ma chère amie, Glenn, you are right about Rascal being ‘back at it’ but it’s something else, indeed, trying to keep a dog very quiet, no playing, no running, no stair climbing, no barking (yeah ha ha, good one, huh?) and this regimen for 2 weeks. Egads. I’m looking for tips on how to administer all the meds he has to take from here on in. It always does my heart good to see a little note here from you, Glenn. {{{hug}}} Rascal thanks you for all your prayers and get-well wishes!

  2. Aww, love it!

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