Posted by: janetleigh | March 13, 2009

Hi, my name is Janet Leigh and I’m a Bucolicholic.. ;>


Always giving thanks
God this odd earth house, even
when I’ve departed.

A thoughtful study
in quiet meditation.
God does provide much.

Two and half acres
open rolling sea of green
paradise it seems,

brooks through property.
Trees sway their songs along side
rock-lined bridge stoned guides.

Hummingbirds hover;
butterfly bush runway limb
provides landing pad.

Whether summer fall
winter or spring – this landscape
rings all seasons in

hues of joyful noise,
thankful mental attitude,
peaceful calm repose.

Our life best-lived rests
within – quiet pastoral
God given – silence.


Edited for tweaks.


  1. You were able to bring the photograph to life for me, to put me inside it. You’re magical like that. I wanna fall into the grass and watch the hummingbirds hover. The very last line is one of those perfect endings.

    Bryan, it makes me feel good to know you were touched/connected with this piece. That you think it’s a perfect ending. As we know, God is the perfect ending – to our life on earth as well as our new beginning in His presence..

  2. Certainly put me in a “natural” state of mind. I found a different pic on my site to accompany your lovely lines, your touching views.


    I’m so glad you like this, Glenn, and thank you so much for liking it enough to put it up on your own fantastic blog, Feel Free to Read! Gentle Readers, please stop in and peruse Glenn’s eclectic blog of poetry from some of our most prolific American Indian poets, song lyrics from the World’s Best, and photography galore. I promise, you will not be able to stop reading his blog and are sure to return for more. For me, I land on his blog and get lost in a World of Wonderment, Wisdom, and Whimsical personalities. Just as Feel Free to Read is a fabulous read, Glenn is a fascinating man.

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