Posted by: janetleigh | April 16, 2009

Never judge a Book by its Cover – Susan Boyle – one heckuva cover!

Susan Boyle Sings on Britain's Got Talent 2009 Episode 1 @ Yahoo! Video

Never judge a book
by its dust jacket alone.
You might be surprised.

I done fell over
into Susan Boyle’s first notes
spellbound that I was!

Some old books look rough.
Inside, the sweetest story
what never gets told.

Susan Boyle took Bold.
Marched into Simon’s milieu
and – seized Her own day!

Lesson here, may be
don’t be book left on Life’s shelf.
Encourage yourself.

Make move to be read.
Better yet – take chances – act!
Make Life move, instead.


  1. Of course you would pick up on the wonder of Ms. Boyle, Janet. You have a heart as big as Missouri, and it took flight as you, and the world watched Susan smash stereotypes, and let her inner beauty shine and ring out. She looks like a younger version of Mrs. Miller who had fun with that Stone’s hit SATISFACTION like 30 years ago. Your advice is good, your emotions are true, and we folks who haunt the cyber lanes applaud your sentiment. And many of us, late in our lives, have discovered the internet, and have put our poetry and our thoughts out there, to be judged, to be enjoyed, to enrage, to thrill, to zap and slide minds into wonder. You encourage so many of us. Just thanks again for being this Shenandoah earth mother poet who “feels” so much.


    Thank you, Glenn! I was so impressed with Susan Boyle that the haiku set almost wrote itself, Glenn, and I’m sure she did a whole lot of good for those who have let self-consciousness get in the way of expressing their selves by vocal instrument.

    And thank you for reminding me of poets and writers here in cyberland who have also SEIZED THE(IR) DAY! It takes a certain amount of guts to let others know your deepest-most thoughts and feelings, that’s for sure! BTW, I vaguely remember a Mrs. Miller from the olde days, but can’t recall her singing “Satisfaction” – unless I repressed it..;>

  2. Hi Janetleigh,
    How are you? I hope that your well and looking after yourself ;)
    Sorry I have not visited for a while (had not blogged for sometime, a long story, but I am slowly getting back into the swing of things)

    I watched Susan Boyle, and hated the fact that the audience laughed before she even opened her mouth, but she soon stopped them laughing and had them applauding, because when she started to sing she was amazing.
    Now if she had walked on stage, a young mini skirted women, i am in no doubt that she would have got a completley different reaction when she first walked on stage, so those that laughed at her should be ashamed. Mind you, she will now be the one thats laughing……all the way to the bank. :D

    Take care

    Hi there, Stacey! Long time, hunh? I’ve been away from blogging every day, too, so don’t feel bad about not visiting, cuz I didn’t miss your non-visit *hysterical laughter* Mine’s a long story, too, some of which I’ve written about here (in case you want to catch up..NOT!…;>). I’ll be getting by to catch up with you, too, Stacey. It’s so nice to know you’re back again. You brighten up the days of so many here in cyberland, you know that don’tcha? You take care, too. {{{hug}}}

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