Posted by: janetleigh | May 25, 2009

A few words for Memorial Day


Ordinary men
act extraordinary,
fierce purpose prevails.

A band of brothers
fight to the death for each other
and the world-at-large.

War, like it or not,
determines one’s survival.
“Life” does not take sides.

Peace is an ideal;
easier said than done, right?
Honor our fallen.

Life is war with peace;
there is no Peace-permanent
’til heaven’s on Earth.

All Armed Services
remind me their loyalty:
one Band of Brothers.

Stark reality
sinks in – strangers died for me!
It’s Life’s greatest gift.

Nation under God,
One Purpose, One way of Life:
All Brother’s Keepers.

I bow to fallen
soldiers past, present, future:
Reverence unfolds.


Copyright © Janet Leigh, 5.25.09. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Hi Janet,

    Thanks for your post.
    Hate war but Never hate our Warriors.

    Peace and Love and Understanding…

    Phil Edwards

    Thank you so much for stopping in, Philip, and leaving your thoughts about Memorial Day. I went to your blog and really liked what I read and plan to return.. when the dust settles (it’s a long story, nestled in this blog, somewhere..:) I share your thoughts about war and also believe in honoring our fallen heroes. Take care!

  2. […] A few words for Memorial Day […]

  3. This gives me the chills. Beautifully sad and incredibly true. Thank you Janet.

    Thank you you coming by, Caren. I found your blog via Daily News About Poetry, a fairly new blog. I took some time reading some of the entries and was so glad that I landed on your very thoughtful and beautiful blog. I plan on returning..:)

  4. Just beautiful my friend. May we remember the real meaning of this day. *HUGS*

    Hello Queen of Soul’manda! (sounds like a nice place to visit ;>) I’m really glad you like this poem and its larger meaning. Hope to see you soon, my dear! {{{hugs backatcha!}}}

  5. Your sentiment, your insight, your wishes for a peaceful world are roses in the window, pansies in the parlor, on this day. You make me proud to be an old veteran. I get sad, and upset when I think too much of our youngsters in the middle east and elsewhere, often in harm’s way. On the news yesterday they announced that presently we have lost over 4300 American lives in Iraq, and there is Afghanistan waiting in all its harshness, ready to spill more American blood.
    Your words ring out and get our attention–/”Life” does not take sides/ and I always wonder whose bullet is more holy? /Honor our fallen/Life is war with peace; there is no peace permanent/ yes, even within ourselves, our private lives, our own relationship with the universe, peace is but a pause, a halcyon moment before the next thunder storm. /strangers died for me/ yesterday and today, and tomorrow too, and not just you, for all of us. /I bow to the fallen/ And so do we, joining you, stiff necks bowed, eyes cast down to the killing ground, to the dime store flags, plastic flowers, children’s toys, all left at the stone bases
    of the myriad of tombstones, soldiers unknown but not unloved, not forgotten.


    And hello to you Glenn, Master of Exegesis and King of Elucidation (especially of the Wordsymthery of the Poetmeister!) I know no one else who can get down to the core, bring both color and depth to the very soul of a poem. And, Glenn, I want to thank you personally for your service to our country. I think I know how it must have affected you, the dangers, the breath-holding, the lasting impressions; your war poetry speaks volumes on the subject. And I know, Sir, I wouldn’t hesitate to ride the river with you.

  6. Very nice. Thank you for sharing.

    Thank you, David, for stopping in to tell me so..:)

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