Posted by: janetleigh | July 4, 2009

Seize your heritage on July 4th!

4thJulySoL_steveonbroadwayImage by Steve on Broadway

Our Red White and Blue,
Constitution, Bill of Rights,
Freedom, left to You.

Seize Your legacy!
Hold all Rights in fisted hand,
Fight to retain them!

work hard to seize them from You.
Respond:  MAKE MY DAY!

Make July 4th count
for future generations.

Copyright © Janet Leigh, 5.25.09.  All Rights Reserved.



  1. Janet:
    What a burst of energy, love, and heart!
    Your MJ tribute is very touching, not forgiving
    him completely for his “indescretions”, yet
    so very generous with your praise of his
    genius. He was an enigma, suffering from several
    autoimmune diseases, the worst being Lupus.
    Doug Palmer wrote an interesting poem to him too, entitled JACKSON, AMADEUS. check it out.
    Your tribute to Farrah was sweet and to the point. Last year when the tabloids began to sound the death herald, you could see she was beat down
    by cancer. So young. Now that I am in my 60’s,
    it seems death is taking too many folks much
    younger than me; makes one look intensely at your own mortality. I retire next June 2010; like to think I will last 20 more years.
    Your SEIZE YOUR HERITAGE poem is very much
    to the point, brimming with alacrity, passion,
    and patriotism. So nice to see three poems come spilling out so quickly. That’s the way of poetry, enit?


  2. Same same – but different.

    Canada – USA – the legacy we feel. The duty, pride, love of country – you certainly expressed yours here.

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