Posted by: janetleigh | March 17, 2011

Into that good Light

Nothing personal;
Christians experience hell, too,
abiding on Earth.

Something personal;
I laugh in the face of fear.
Fear regirds itself.

I am a child of God.
Given spirit of power
God did, I am His.

He girds me in Light-
ness and endless hope beyond
my understanding.

Fear fights unfairly-
stirs up discontent between
shocked, grieving partners

struggling for sane
moments squeezed out from chaos
and sad disbelief.

One knows not of time
crossing of that Divine line
between here and there.

Fear, try wrestle mind
into deep despair –  for now.
It shall not prevail.

I know beyond doubt
His timing is perfect for
being and going

into heavenly
Light beyond understanding
into His alone.

Fear, die a good death!
Assured by God’s Divine Plan,
fear of death dies here.

We all die someday.
Some days death comes too damn close
for comfort, by God

one can endure all!
Know, Life from start to finish
starts and ends in God.

Copyright © by Janet Leigh, 3-17-11.  All Rights Reserved.

Tree at the Edge of the Universe by Rusty Russ on Flickr


  1. What more could be said…you said it all. Hugs to both of you.

    {{{huggles}}} backatcha, Sis!

  2. Triple hugs, battalions of white
    light warriors sent to hover over
    you and yours, prayers on a chain
    linked to the eternal descending
    on the Shenandoah like a horde
    of angels with fists of love, and
    kisses of tenderness.

    Whoa! What fierce, beautiful, sentiment & imagery there. I likes it! Thank you, dear Glenn. {{{hugs}}} to you, too. :>

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