Posted by: janetleigh | August 26, 2011

Gold mine

Gem Fall by Teresa Young


Love visions emerge.

Mother lode of emotions

sift gems through gold pan.


  1. How wonderful it is to see you writing again.
    Adore the concept that /love/is the /mother
    lode of emotions/ OH yes, love, love, love,
    love is all there is–as the Beatles sang.
    Regardless of our personal tragedies and
    health issues, it is love, from our loved ones,
    to them, and from God, from the star capillaries
    of the universe filling your bedroom with white
    light, that pulls us through, that sustains us.
    Bless you, and bless your heart.

  2. Thank you so much, Glenn. I’m taking one step at a time, here, hoping I can return full-time to my blog/writing. It gives sustenance to my soul. I receive and enjoy the friendship of so many wonderful poets and people, such as yourself, one who I treasure and adore! Plus, I love the very essence of your blog! xox

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